September 21, 2020


Iverness, AL, USA


Duncan Hickman

"Go to Church or the Devil with get ya!"

Olá amigos e família!This week was pretty crazy! To start, Hurricane Sally absolutely SMACKED the southern part of Alabama and so all of the missionaries down there were evacuated up here a couple days before it hit. It was a pretty crazy week for all of them, but up here in Birmingham nothing really changed. It sprinkled a little bit every day, but besides that it was pretty quiet. The missionaries who were evacuated will now spend the next week or so helping with the hurricane cleanup down there. We won't be able to help out with the cleanup because we are too far away and it would be hard for the mission to find housing for us down there. However, we are staying plenty busy up here so it's all good!
This week was also pretty chaotic because our transfers were delayed a few days due to the hurricane. Elder Masitis got transferred to Talladega so that was a bummer :( However, we got another companion, Elder Brown, in our TRIO! Elder Brown is a stud from Idaho Falls who got reassigned to Alabama after previously serving in Chile! He already knows Spanish and now we are teaching him Portuguese because the majority of our investigators are Brazilians haha. It's gonna be quite the process, but it has been really fun so far!!
As we drove back after picking up Elder Brown, we drove past one of my favorite billboards in Alabama. It's a massive billboard that says "Go to church or the Devil will get you!" I think this billboard perfectly describes a lot of the religious culture down here in Alabama. Religion means a lot to the people down here and I love the opportunity that I have to connect with them and their belief of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I also love the simple truth that this billboard mentions of not being casual. As the sign says, Satan will get to us when we casually disregard things such as going to church. I know that a lot of us haven't been able to go to church for a long time because of the pandemic, but we also need to avoid disregarding daily scripture study, prayer, and other things such as loving others. When we prioritize these things in our lives, Satan will have a harder time "getting to us."
I know that our strong testimonies can protect us from Satan. We can build our testimonies by not being casual with things such as church attendance, scripture study, prayer, serving others, and following the example of Jesus Christ. Avoiding casualness with these little things is so important because, in the end, these little things are what truly make the difference!! There is such wisdom in this billboard!!!
I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- My favorite billboard in Alabama!- The old TRIO posted up in a cave- Goofy pic with one of the families we are teaching - Beautiful lake in Bama- President snagged this pic of me and Elder Hickman- Transfers!


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