August 31, 2020


Inverness, AL


Duncan Hickman

Portuguese class poppin' off!!

Olá amigos e família!This past week we picked up Elder Masitis to complete our TRIO! He is a stud and he actually spent a year in Brasilia, Brazil before being reassigned here, so his Portuguese is super good! It's been really nice because we've gotten a lot of practice with Portuguese speaking! I love the TRIO life because it's sooo nice to have another companion to hang out with, give advice, and share ideas with. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this transfer!
One bummer thing that happened this past week was we ran out of miles on our car for the month haha :( Because of that, we've had to spend a couple days this week cooped up in the apartment. Kind of a bummer, but we were able to crank out a ton of Facebook work so that was great!
One of the things I have loved has been the English class for Portuguese speakers we have started. We hold a weekly English class for anybody interested at one of their houses and it has been so cool! Right after we picked up Elder Masitis we went straight to the our weekly class and he was able to help out a ton! I usually can only understand about half of the Portuguese they speak, but the atmosphere of the class is so fun! This past week we had 10 people show up and it continues to grow! We have started teaching 3 Brazilian families about the Gospel because of it as well!!! I know that we were sent here for a reason and the Portuguese success we have had recently is evidence of this!
I'm so thankful for God's plan for each of us. I never thought that I would find an opportunity to use my Portuguese in Birmingham, Alabama, but He had something in store for me. God's plan is REAL!!!
I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- Our English Class!!! (The picture is kinda blurry, but it was because I was shaking with excitement!!)- TRIO- Celebrated 1 year in the field for Elder Masitis!!- Our MASSIVE district!!- Dinner with President and Sister Allred!


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