August 17, 2020


Inverness, AL


Duncan Hickman

Baby Blessing!!!

Olá amigos e família!!!This past week was actually CRAZYY GOOD!! We were super busy and everyday was pretty packed with stuff. It seems like we start every week with only a couple of things planned, but then our schedule fills up pretty fast and by the end the week we are completely exhausted. However, I absolutely love staying busy with the Lord's work!
We actually had some super cool things happen this week. First off, we were able to give a BABY BLESSING! These past few weeks we've been able to teach some Come Follow Me lessons to a single mom in our ward. She has been inactive these past couple years, but she has recently expressed interest in coming back! A couple weeks ago, she asked me and my companion if we could give her 2 year-old and 5 year-old sons their baby blessings because they both hadn't received them yet. We were beyond stoked! I gave the 5 year-old his blessing this past week and it turned out to be such a special experience! Also, I don't have any pics that was a bummer : (
Another cool experience we had happened with this dude named Yoesph. He grew up in the Middle East and he is actually Muslim. It was super interesting talking to him about his religion and we were able to introduce him to the Book of Mormon. He actually asked for a Book of Mormon in Arabic! We were able to get that to him and he seemed super excited to read it!
I don't have a lot of time, so here is a quick summary of a couple other cool things that happened: - I saw an armadillo for the first time ever! I honestly thought that they were just a myth and only in cartoons hahaha. Crazy!!- We went to a birthday party for the father of the Brazilian family and met a TON of Brazilians there who are all super interested in the English Class we have started. Some of them were even interested in hearing our message, so that was DOPE!!!- We are going golfing today with 2 non-members! I am so excited! 2 of my favorite things, missionary work and golf, combined into one!!
I love y'all and the support you give me! Have a blessed week!
Pics:- Suprised Elder Hickman with a deluxe egg breakfast for his 1 year mark!- Our trash bag split open and it was quite the mess, so Elder Hickman rose to the occasion (notice the fogged glasses hahaha)- We made homemade corn tortillas! Feel free to call me Chef Boyardee!


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