August 10, 2020


Inverness, AL


Duncan Hickman

My companion VS Chicken and waffles

Olá amigos e família!!!

To start off this week we got a brand new 2020 blue Chevy Equinox! We had been driving a rental car ever since I got here because the crazy amount of missionaries reassigned here had caused a shortage in mission vehicles. However, on Tuesday the Church bought a ton of new Chevy Equinoxs to fix this problem and we were able to get the blue one! We were both pumped because it was DEFINITELY the coolest color haha. Also, it's got all of these random safety features that we didn't know about, so it seems like we are finding a new safety feature every single day! Anyways, pretty sweet new whip.

This past week I've had some of the best food I've ever eaten. One of the members dropped us off some ribs that he had cooked and they were actually the best ribs I had ever had! Apparently, he cooks for one of the southern bbq places down here, and so his cooking was straight up professional! Also, this week I made a goal to get better at cooking and so I decided to make some omelets. The first time I made them they were absolutely terrible, but towards the end of the week I had it down! They are definitely a work in progress, but I'll for sure have the art of omelet making perfected by the time I come back haha.

Then comes THE story of the week. On Thursday, we went and helped an older couple lay down ground cover in their backyard. After we had finished, they took us to lunch at this diner and I watched in awe as my trainer downed a 3000+ calorie meal of chicken and waffles WITH EASE hahaha. I had a philly cheese steak sandwich which was pretty good, but I spent most of the time in disbelief of my trainer and his ability to plow through almost a FULL chicken haha. It was honestly so impressive! Then we went home and he fell into a food coma and fell asleep for 30 minutes hahaha. Elder Hickman cracks me up and I'm so grateful that we can have fun times as we work hard and help others Come unto Christ!

This week we had a pretty cool experience happen! One of the guys we are teaching had some questions about his purpose in life and so we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We told him to read page 500 in the Book of Mormon because we thought that was the page 3 Nephi 11 starts, where Jesus Christ visits the Ancient Americas. However, this page is actually in the middle of the book of Ether haha. He called us the next day and told us that he had read page 500 and loved it! In fact, he had read the entire book of Ether because he found it so fascinating!! He kept telling us how awesome the Book of Mormon is and how this had answered all of his questions! I know our page number miscommunication was no mistake in the eyes of God. God knew exactly what this guy needed to read and I'm so thankful for His influence in my life everyday! Experiences like these make me love missionary work so much!

Love y'all with all my heart!Love, Elder Moffat


- COOK-OUT with the Elders

- The new whip

- Me feeding ducks a handful of NOTHING hahah- Elder Hickman with the heavenly ribs- Scenic BAMA pic


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