August 4, 2020


Inverness, AL


Duncan Hickman

Trio no mo :(

Olá amigos e família!!!

First off, I had written this email up and was about to copy and paste it into the email draft, when I DELETED THE WHOLE THING : ( So this is the summarized version of my amazing email that got deleted hahaha. Also I'm typing this all up on an ancient Samsung phone so I apologize ahead of time hahah

This past week we were demoted from a TRIO back down to a companionship : ( Elder Stocking left Sunday as he gets ready to fly to Minnesota where his original reassignment is. I was pretty bummed about that because being in a TRIO has been super fun! However, Elder Stocking is a spiritual beast and I know that he is going to thrive in Minnesota!

The past week we taught the Portuguese family TWICE! It was my first experience of talking to a family that knew zero English and it was great! I understood like 90% of the first 15 minutes! Then my brain hit a wall and I only understood like 25% of the rest of the visit hahaha! I was able to teach them parts of the Restoration and then finish with my testimony at the end. They were super excited to start reading the Book of Mormon and I'm stoked to see how they progress!

I would like to share with y'all about the power of prayer and following promptings from the Spirit. We had some pretty crazy miracles that happened from following the promptings of the Spirit and reaching out to certain people. I'll share one of them with y'all. We were calling members and others interested in the Gospel, when we felt prompted to call this guy named Vincent. Vincent started reading the Book of Mormon a while ago but stopped because he had a lot of questions about it. We called him and he shared that his wife was on her deathbed in the hospital and that she needed our prayers in that very moment! We prayed for her and then called a couple days later and found out that a miracle had happened and his wife was out of hospital! He was so thankful for our prayers and our special efforts to reach out to him during that exact moment! He also promised us that he would make a special effort this week to read the Book of Mormon! Such an awesome opportunity that we had to follow that prompting and touch Vincent's life exactly when he needed it!

I invite each of you to make a special effort this week to follow the promptings of the Spirit. As you do this, you will be instruments in God's hands and you will be able to answer the prayers of others. The companionship of the Holy Ghost is a powerful thing and we can find guidance through difficult times with it. Take the time to LISTEN!!

I love y'all! Thank you for all your support! Have a blessed week!

Love, Elder Moffat


- Me with my companion's fish hahaha

- The CAHABA district

- Broke in the Wal-Mart Kicks with some solid service as we made a brick staircase!


- Trainee conference pic!


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