July 13, 2020


Inverness, AL


Duncan Hickman

Sweet home Alabama!

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Olá amigos e família,

Sweet home Alabama! I made it! Alabama is actually so pretty! It is SOOOO green here! There are tons of super tall trees that line the highways and huge grass fields all over. The sunsets are amazing and there are tons of fishing ponds everywhere. It's pretty humid here, but I actually like it because it makes my hair curly hahaha.

My companion is Elder Hickman and he is a stud! He was actually reassigned here after previously serving in Brazil so he speaks Portuguese! It's super nice because we are able to practice speaking all the time and it's super helpful. He has been a great trainer so far and I've already learned a ton of stuff from him. He is pretty funny too and reminds me SOOO much of Brian Regan hahaha. They are literally the same person haha.

The way people talk down here is so funny! I straight up feel like I'm english speaking in a foreign country hahah. When my companion first picked me up we drove through the Popeyes drive thru. We got to the window and we asked for 2 chicken sandwiches. We then heard something like "we dofnt ave nonya dem chikhan samwinches." Me and my companion looked at each other with the most confused faces ever because we had NO IDEA what he was saying hahah. We responded with "uhhhh ok!" and ended up pulling up to the next window and paying for whatever they gave us. Hahah it was so funny! Lots of the people here have heavy accents, but I actually really enjoy trying to understand them haha. I already love the people of Alabama so much!

As far as missionary work goes, we have had a slow start but it is starting to pick up pretty fast! My companion and I were "white-washed" into our area, or in other words, we were basically thrown into the area with no information. We've been making lots of phone calls to members and they are all awesome! Due to the virus, we are only allowed to go to members houses if they invite us over, and we can't go knock on any doors or anything like that. However, we've already gone to a couple member dinners! We've also been working on finding people through Facebook and it's actually pretty fun!

My spiritual moment for the week happened during my flight out to Alabama. I sat next to this sweet, 4'10" grandma named Patty and it was so fun! I started a conversation with her and we talked the WHOLE 2 1/2 hour flight! She talked about her Lutheran faith and I shared little truths about the Church of Jesus Christ. I found so much joy in discussing truths about the Plan of Salvation and Family History work to Patty. I could tell that she was touched and I loved being able to plant that seed of the Church in her life. I hope that Patty will one day look back on our conversation and strive to know more about the message of the Church of Jesus Christ. This is what missionary work is all about and know that we can all plant seeds of the Church in people all around us. I advise you all to look for those opportunities.

Love you all!

Love, Elder Moffat


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