July 1, 2020


Draper, UT, USA


Daniel Nelson Crockett

Re: Mission Letter #6

Nana thank you so much for your email! I always love reading what you and Papa are doing to keep busy! You both are such great examples to me and I love you guys so much.
I loved being able to teach you guys tonight! It has been so helpful to teach these practice lessons and I have already seen so much growth in my teaching. You and Papa have always been so willing to help me out and I love that about you guys. I find so much joy in teaching others of the Gospel, especially when it is MY AWESOME GRANDPARENTS!!! I love you guys! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!
Love, Elder Moffat
On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 5:59 PM Jo Anne Gardner <> wrote:
Dear Elder Zachary,                                                     Sunday, June 28, 2020

Your time for leaving for your “alternate" mission is getting close!  I imagine you are really excited and a little nervous at the same time.

This is such a unique time in the world with your home MTC, the pandemic, social distancing even on the airplane and wearing a mask all the time.  It makes me wonder how life will be in the next few years but you will be in service to the Lord and will not have to worry about worldly things.  It is such a special time for you to be a missionary and I know you will love your mission and be such a good one!

We have had a great time with the Moffat’s and Gardner’s here.  The Moffat’s get along with everyone but the Gardner’s (usually Cannon and Carson) not so much but they do enjoy being with each other.  Today, since it is Sunday, they are all going a little batty so I’m hoping your Mom will take the herd out for a bike ride…..

Jordan’s Lexus which he borrowed from Cassie’s dad in order to bring the bikes here, broke down in the parking lot of the place they were biking so they couldn’t drive home.  Your mom took two trips bringing the kids and their bikes back to our house while Papa and Jordan waited for AAA to tow the car to the dealer.  They couldn’t find out what is wrong with it and then when they did it was the weekend so they can’t order the part until Monday and it will take a few days to install.  So our plan is now to all stay in Clayton, no Tahoe at all, your family will leave Thursday and I am coming too. Papa and Emily will be driving to Draper in the Tesla.  Jordan, Cassie and the boys will stay here and then Papa will fly back Friday and pack the truck with Jordan and drive to Washington…..whew!!!!!  It has been so great having both families here as they have been so helpful in packing and moving the furniture down to the garage.  We really missed you and Ryan though but it has been an absolute zoo at times here and not very conducive to missionary life!

We had church today.  It was very well attended with many in various different Sunday clothes!  Some were in shirts, ties, and shoes.  Some were in shorts and t-shirts, some in dresses and skirts, some with socks on and some barefooted.  It was great!  The Sacrament was passed on a paper plate by Jackson, the cups for the water were in tiny red plastic cups, and the large red plastic cups all served on a paper plate.  It was very reverent.  Lindsey introduced us to the Book of Mormon video we were going to watch.  She explained everything so well that even the youngest were able to follow the story line of Ammon and King Lamoni.  We really enjoyed church today….we are never late, church is short but spiritual.  We are so blessed that our prophet, President Nelson started the Come Follow Me program a year ago so that we were prepared for teaching the gospel in our homes and visually connecting to our ward members.  I have loved home church but I know it’s harder on the youth not being able to associate with other youth.

We have too many belongings, furniture, gardening stuff, just too much of everything!  We decided to sell most of the furniture but of course it didn’t sell.  Jordan took pictures of it and put it on “Let Go” and people have been coming for two days now.  We sold a few items but mostly we were just happy someone carted it off for us.  It saved us $500 because we didn’t have to hire a junk truck.  Your mom has been the greatest help!  Collin is such an angel and is always asking what he can do to help. Jackson has also been very helpful, in fact, all of the kids have been so willing to help in any way they can.  The last two nights they ALL slept in our room like you all did before (until you turned 12) and it was so fun,  Bodies and sleeping bags everywhere!  In the night, Carson, left because he said “it was to crowded!”  We have had such a great time! 

Zachary, we miss you already!  You are such a great role model to these younger siblings and cousins. I’m excited to be able to see you “off” on your mission next week!

All my love,



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