June 15, 2020


Draper, UT, USA


Daniel Nelson Crockett

Week 3 and the LIE

Olá amigos e família!!!I am now officially more than halfway done with the Online MTC! It's so crazy because time has truly flown by!! I have had sooo many cool experiences and I have learned so many new, valuable things that will help me when I'm in the field. I have genuinely loved this opportunity to train as a missionary during such a unique time in history!
My companions and I were able to teach another lesson in Portuguese this past week! However, this lesson was pretty brutal for me haha. I felt confident going into the lesson and I knew exactly what points we needed to hit throughout our teaching. However, once we started the lesson it felt like I totally forgot all my Portuguese haha! I completely froze up and had no idea what to say and even how to speak! Hahaha I felt so dumb. Luckily, my companions were able to carry me through the lesson and after the lesson my Dad encouraged me by telling me how that situation occasionally happens on the mission. A couple days later we had another lesson scheduled and I was totally ready to redeem myself, until the person cancelled the lesson last second :( I know this probably happens all the time in the field, but I was still a little bummed. We scheduled another lesson for tomorrow and so I'll have to wait till then to redeem myself. I'm sure that it'll go great though!
Other than that, my Portuguese skills are coming along pretty nicely! I'm able to hold decent conversations with others and teach 20 minute lessons with no problems! I've really enjoyed being able to practice speaking with my companions and the people in my district. This week, we played a MEGA game of 2 truths and a lie with my district and it was a blast! It was really fun because we all learned a ton of totally random but crazy facts about each other. I fooled everybody with my LIE of "I have bowled a perfect game on Wii Sports bowling" which is one of my lifetime goals that I have not achieved yet haha.
This past week, I found out that the Alabama Birmingham Mission has a couple areas where you can serve in the family history centers. Super cool! The church is really big into family history work because members are able to track down ancestors that never heard about or accepted the Gospel, and then perform temple ordinances here on Earth so that they are given the opportunity to accept the Gospel in the Spirit World after they die. Anyways, this past week I've had to watch all these training videos about and how to use the website so that I can teach others if I possibly get called to serve at one of the family history centers. Right now, I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of family history work and watching all the training videos was honestly pretty exhausting haha. However, I am really looking forward to developing a strong testimony of family history work and I can't wait to use it to bring others to the Gospel!
This experience reminded me of a quote that says "First you connect, then you convert." I really like this quote because I think it a perfect foundation for me to build my testimony of family history work upon. As I connect with people who are interested in family history work, I will be able to connect family history work with the importance of temple ordinances and the message of the Gospel. Connecting with the people first, whether it be through family history work or just hobbies in general, will help me reach out to them with love and invite them to accept the Gospel in their lives.
Sorry for the long email! Love, Elder Moffat
Pictures:- Pickleball with the Fam and Elder Stevens! (not pictured tho)- A beautiful heart made by the TRIO- My parents took one of the seats out from the mini-van and I took advantage hehe- Waterfall hike with the Fam


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