June 8, 2020


Draper, UT, USA


Daniel Nelson Crockett

Week 2 and the Talent Show!!

Olá amigos e família!!!This past week was full of tons of language learning and spiritual growth! I was officially able to pass off the "Basic Core" which includes Meeting Someone, Offering a Prayer, Testifying, Extending an Invitation, Sharing a Scripture, and Giving a Simple Overview, all in Portuguese! I have now moved on to "Intermediate Core" which includes teaching full lessons all in Portugese. This past week, we learned how to teach about Repentance, Baptism, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This coming week, we are planning to learn quite a few more topics and I am super excited!
My companions and I were able to teach a lesson to a practice investigator (TRC) all in Portuguese for the first time this past week! It was great! His name was Leonardo and he spoke VERY fast, so whenever he asked us questions that we couldn't understand, my companions and I would all just smile and nod our heads haha. Sometimes this would work, but then other times he just looked at us more confused haha. However, I think he was able to understand the majority of the lesson so that was good! We have 2 more Portuguese lessons scheduled this week so I'm excited to see how they go!
This past week my district was able to hold a talent show over Zoom! It was a great idea and everyone shared a video of their talents. Some of the videos included guitar playing, piano playing, soccer videos, wake surfing videos, and Elder Salmon even performed a magic trick over Zoom! I shared a ski video, a rollerblade video, and a mini-hoop dunk montage that Collin helped me make haha! It was super fun and I loved being able to bond with the members of my District through technology.
I have really enjoyed these past couple weeks of online MTC. It has been so fun for me to learn how to teach others and invite the Spirit into their lives. I have especially loved being able to learn these things while at home with my family! I can feel their love and support for me daily as I "get lost in this great cause" of missionary work. This past week, I heard a quote by Elder Holland that says "Let's strive for continual improvement, not total perfection." I love this quote because I know that I am not the perfect missionary right now, nor will I ever be, but I can strive to be a little better every day. As I do this, I know that the Lord will bless me through my continual efforts. I also know that the simple, daily efforts to personally be a little better than we were the day before, is what will help us become more like Christ in the long run. 
Love, Elder Moffat

Pictures:- Watched the last "Safety Zone" video, which was really sad because they were actually really entertaining :(- A vicious DUNK featured in my talent show video- Met and hiked with Elder Crockett for the first time in person!! Elder Salmon was also there in spirit to complete the TRIO haha- Pretty rainbow outside my house- Another hike with the fam


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