June 1, 2020


Draper, UT


Daniel Nelson Crockett

Week 1 and My Reassignment!

Olá amigos e família!!!I have officially been in the Online MTC for 11 days now and it has actually been so fun! I'm in a district of 9 missionaries who are all learning Portuguese from 4 fantastic teachers. I also am in a TRIO companionship and I love it! My companions are Elder Crockett and Elder Salmon and they are both studs. We joke around a lot with each other and companionship study is always a good time, but we get stuff done too. Here is a little what my schedule looks like:
6:30-7:30am - Wake up and personally study the Scriptures/Preach My Gospel7:30-9:00am - Workout, shower, get ready, and eat breakfast9:15-12:15pm - Morning class with my district and teachers12:30-4:00pm - Eat lunch, go on a hike/mountain biking, and study Portuguese4:15-5:15pm - Companionship study with my companions5:30-6:00pm - Eat dinner with the fam6:00-9:00pm - Evening class with my district and teachers9:30-10:30pm - Write in journal, talk with family, and go to bed
It's a pretty busy schedule, but I really enjoy it! The hardest part is waking up at 6:30am and honestly I am still adjusting to that part of the schedule haha. I spend a lot of time with my district, but it's great because they are all super cool and we've been able to grow so close over this past week and a half. My teachers are super helpful and I've been able to learn a ton about Portuguese and being a missionary. Learning Portuguese has been great so far! I owe a big part of that to my Dad because he is constantly practicing with me as I "attempt" to speak Portuguese with him haha. He has truly helped me a lot though!
I have loved my time so far as a missionary! Even though my training is all online and I spend a lot of time in my room, it has truly brought so much joy to my life. I feel like Online MTC has given me a greater opportunity to show my obedience to Heavenly Father and the mission rules. One of the mission rules is to avoid watching TV because of the distraction it can be to accomplishing your work and daily tasks. This rule totally makes sense, but never in my life have I ever wanted to lay down on the couch and watch Phineas and Ferb with my siblings more than I have this past week. Hahaha I know it sounds dumb, but being able to hold myself responsible and stick to the mission rules has been such a testimony builder for me. I've been able to show Heavenly Father how much I want to serve Him and preach of His Gospel. 
Earlier this week, my district and I were able to talk with the Portugal Lisbon Mission presidents over zoom! It was super exciting to finally meet them and ask them a few questions about Portugal! They seemed really nice and they both made me super excited to serve in Portugal! One girl in my district asked how likely it was that we would be able to head to Portugal right after finishing the MTC. My mission president held up a fat zero to the camera and so that was pretty discouraging. He explained that we would mostly likely get temporarily reassigned to a stateside mission and eventually make it to Portugal around September due to visa problems. I knew this would happen, but I was still a little bummed. However, two days later I received my temporary reassignment to BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA!!! I'm so hyped! I can't wait to meet and teach the people of the South! I think it'll be cool to experience what a stateside mission is like as well!
Anyways, I promise I won't ever write any more emails as long as this one! I love Y'ALL and thank Y'ALL for your support to me hehe. Love, Elder Moffat
Pictures:- Me on first day of ONLINE MTC- The TRIO- BIG air on Collin's bmx bike- Zoom with mission presidents- Walk with the fam


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