August 19, 2019


Manchester, New Hampshire


Elder Crum

Week 102 - Round Trip to the JSM!

Hey Everybody!!
I hope that y'all have had a fantastic week! 
We had a couple of meetings this week. The first one was the trip to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. That meeting is great and I love it not only because I got to shoot a confetti cannon at my companion, but even more because each time I am up there I have the opportunity to testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the message that we share. It truly is centered on Jesus Christ, and I am eternally grateful for the peace that that knowledge gives. The second meeting of the week was our first zone conference. And guess where that took place... the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial! So I was lucky enough to be able to make it out there twice this week! It was sad though because that is probably the last time that I was able to see the monument as a full-time missionary. I will send some pics of it though! 
We were also able to do a couple of great things with the work here in the Manchester area this week. We were able to find a handful of people and then also have some people at church. I love being a missionary and I love feeling the spirit. 
One thing that we have been talking about in our Zone Conference is the aspect of personal conversion. There was a talk by Elder Bednar in Oct 2012 about being "Convereted Unto The Lord", and with it we have talked about Peter's conversion story. Was Peter truly converted after walking with Christ during his ministry? He still went fishing once Christ left, so was he converted? I really love that thought. And although Peter may well have been converted unto Jesus, it is our actions that show our conversion. So after walking as a missionary for 2 years or 18 month, are we going to be converted? It might talk more than just walking. But for real, go check out that talk, it is a good one!
I share the same birthday as the little daughter of one of the Recent Converts in the ward. She was turning 2 years old. So yes, I had a Frozen themed party this year. It was great!
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  

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