May 22, 2019


Manchester, New Hampshire


Elder Hardcastle

Week 89 - Sunrise and Sunset

Hello Everybody!!
I hope that you all have found joy in your week so far! My week last week wasn't too crazy, but starting into this week it has sure picked up! It has been amazing how warm and sunny it has been a few of the last days. A lot of days in New England weather are not that ideal, but the days that are good, are a lot absolutely spectacular! We helped someone move this past weekend and I even managed to get a little bit of sun on my skin for the first time in months! A little bit more about that move though was that we were moving this family off the third floor (which most of the NE houses in cities are three story buildings with 3 or more apartments in each) and someone had the idea to not go up and down the stairs a million times, but to tie stuff up with rope and send it off the balcony! The climax was us lowering a dryer from this old building! Good times!!
This past week was full of just a lot of good time to do a lot of great missionary work. We saw so many miracles this past week as we have found and taught people about Jesus Christ. Rita and Jessica have now officially passed their baptismal interviews and are all set to get baptized this Saturday! I don't think I have told you about a lady that we found while finding an Elder's lost luggage that got sent to Hong Kong. Long story short, there were a lot things that happened (for an unknown reason at the time) for us to meet her. And she came to church this week! She is way cool and I will have to tell y'all more about her later, but she is planning on coming again this week! 
We had follow up training meeting yesterday at the JSBM. That was a lot of fun, but took up all of our day yesterday. 
Now onto the sunrise and the sunset. I have just seen so much value in slowing down and caring about what God has given us. This past week we had such a powerful lesson and in the lesson one of the most powerful prayers I have heard from a non-member whom we have never taught how to pray before. Then as we drive from the lesson we look out at this absolutely amazing sunset. We got a better vantage point and it was spectacular. I know that God does so much for us in our lives. He is in the very fine details. And even as a sun sets, every part of our life can be illuminated beautifully if we look towards the source of light. 
I love you all so much. I hope that you have a great week!
Elder Brown

zbrown@missionary.org105 Wind Song AveManchester, NH 03104


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