April 8, 2019


Manchester, New Hampshire


Elder Patten

Week 82 - Jen Ko

Hey Everybody!

I hope that each one of you had a wonderful week and a great weekend listening to the prophet's voice! General Conference was just spectacular, as usual. I loved the focus on missionary work of course, and also very focused on the doctrine of Christ. We had two of our investigators be able to watch conference and they both seemed to love it!

I don't have a whole ton of time, but I will give you a little taste of what my past week looked like. We had MLC on Tuesday, which is always fun and a lot of work. Then on Wednesday we had a pretty crazy time and some hilarious experiences. So there is this member in the ward who is something to do with addiction recovery in his line of work, and he is pretty passionate about it. What he did was he went out and bought like 50 cheeseburgers from Burger King and he had us come with him to hand them out to people in the streets and parks that might need them. There were a lot of hilarious things that happened along with it, but not much that I have the ability or time to share today! But one of the things though was that we were named "The Burger Bois" during that time and the brother was very persistent. So funny.

We were able to get some really good work in this week and we were able to find a handful of new people too! Hopefully we will be able to help some of our people like Princess, Cyrus, Patrick, and Ahoke progress towards some baptismal dates! This coming week we won’t have too much to time to find or teach in our area because we have Zone meetings on all corners of the mission, but we will do our best!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

MLC pictures, and then also we took a recent convert out to dinner on her birthday, and watching conference


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