April 1, 2019


Manchester, New Hampshire


Elder Patten

Re: Week 81 - I was doing something for Mom...

Hey Y'all!

I hope that you all have had a great week! Mine has been pretty crazy and amazing over here in New England! 
First off, it was really sad to say all the goodbyes to the people that I have come to love in Vermont. I might not have spent the most time there, but I really do feel a connection to a lot of the people up there whether that be members, or people we are teaching. But it is all about building faith and keeping covenants, and I know they are all strong up there. 

Thursday was the day that we drove down from Essex. It was a good 'ol three hour drive and then I hopped right into the swing of things with my new companion Elder Patten. He is from Pleasant Grove UT, and he has a few months left on his mission. Between Thursday and Friday we got to help send off the missionaries that were going home this past week including my most recent companion Elder Augir, and all of the Sisters that came out with me to the mission. It was crazy, but a blast.

I guess one quick crazy story that happened in the last couple of days was this wedding reception that we went to. It was a one of the members here in Manchester's niece. What made it better was that they were African. So it was going to be a great place to meet some people that we could start teaching there that were this members family. So here is the set up - The groom is Caucasian from Maine, and the bride is from Africa. The reception goes from 6 pm until 3 am. We were only going to stay from 6 until 7ish. We walk in at 6 and there was 2 different sides, groom and bride. We told the man that we knew the bride-ish, and so he set us on that side. We sat there with pretty much just us and a couple people in the groom side of the room from about an hour. Then some other people came filling in the bride side, and they were all Africans that were family of the bride. They were all super late, and better yet we are just 3 white guys in white shirts chilling with a whole side of the room of Africans. It was so funny. And icing on the cake was when they introduced the best man and stuff as well as the bride and groom (a lot later then we hoped), they just blasted Linkin Park. It was a hilarious riot. We finally got our food and had to escape out of there it get to Coordination meeting. Gooding our WML was with us!
Sorry for the crazy long story that might be confusing, but hopefully you thought it was funny because I was dying laughing for a couple of hours. 
Thanks for all the prayers. I love you all! Have the best week!
Elder Brown

zbrown@missionary.org105 Wind Song Ave Manchester NH 03104 


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