January 21, 2019


Essex, Vermont


Elder Augir

Week 72 - 25 Deep

Hey Everybody!!

I hope that you all have had a great week! This week was definitely a cold one! We had two pretty good sized storms! The biggest one and the most eventful was from Saturday until today. In total there was about 25" of snow dropped where we are. It also has only barely came above freezing all week. Yesterday it was -10 degrees, but with the wind chill it felt like -35 F degrees. We were bundled up!!! They even canceled church on Sunday because there was so much snow and it was so cold. We as a companionship got permission and held our own sacrament meeting. It was actually a really cool experience.

I have come to love the sensation of my eyelashes forming icicles, my nose hairs freezing each breath, and sweating profusely when you go in an African person's house because it is so hot!!! We did get some cool pictures in the snow though, so those are coming up! Also we didn't have a car all week so we have had a fun time walking around and using the bus! We have missed the bus like twice though! 

We were able to go to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial twice this week which was so awesome! We went once for our follow up/New Missionary and Trainer's meeting. The other time was for  Zone Conference. It is awesome the spirit that you can feel there. 

So the meetings were on Tuesday and Thursday, and on Wednesday and Friday-Saturday we had Exchange blitz's! So we had one set of Elders come down on Wednesday and do exchanges. I was with this Elder named Elder Rex, from Emmit, ID on Wednesday. I was with Elder Fotheringham, from Spokane Valley Washington on Friday-Saturday! It was freezing all of those days! On Saturday day we had a funny experience looking for one of the people that we found last week. This man from South Sudan had given us his address, but not an apartment number and there were like 4 different apartment complexes. So we were looking for him and we started talking to this family for Cote d'Ivoire, and the mom was super cool. She was really interested in learning but her son came down and started yelling at us and shutting us down. I think he misunderstood us, but we were still able to find some good people to teach that day!

Well I love you all! Stay warm! Have a great week! 

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
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