January 14, 2019


Essex, Vermont


Elder Augir

Week 71 - Minus 14 Below

Hey Everybody!

I hope that you all are doing well and staying warm! There has been some fun -14 degrees mornings this week! And I am not sure if I told you last week, but we are in a car share here, so we do a good amount of walking and bus riding in this mighty fine weather! Somebody once said that missing a couple buses and having to walk in the cold builds good character... right? haha

This week has been pretty eventful, and it started out with MLC, which is a Mission Leadership Council. So last week after P-Day we got to drive 3 hours in the snow down to Manchester, stay the night, and then have an awesome Council the next day. Finishing it off we drove another 3 hours back in the beautiful ice rain! Great experience. I'll send a pic or two.

It didn't get super cold until the end of the week, so in the middle of the week we got a good amount of snow! Wednesday and Thursday we probably got a foot, but not actually sure. But Wednesday morning we decided we wanted to play in the snow, so for our exercise time we started building an igloo! It is coming along great! We need it to warm up a bit and snow some more, but it was super fun because one of us in this companionship had never played with snow before! haha

Besides missing the bus every now and then, it has been a source of great success and laughter haha. We were on the bus one night and these two kids smelled a little bit like skunks in the back of the bus, and we got to witness this old bus driver chew them out and then the whole rest of the night bus just started ganging up on the boys telling them not to smoke hahaha it was way funny. We were also able to have some really spiritual experiences on the bus. Including finding this lady named Devin. Who later in the week, we were able to go teach her and her family. They are really promising in learning more.

Well I have to run, so I will will talk to you all next week. I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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