November 13, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Veroneau

Week 61 - More the Merrier!

Hey Everybody!!!

I hope that you all had a great week! It has been an exciting one over here with some exciting news! So as you know, because I am writing today instead of yesterday, that transfers are this week. So good news is I am staying in the Lynnfield Ward! But there is a little spin on it. We will be getting another set of missionaries in the ward! So we have had to start looking for two new apartments because the area is really big and there is only going to be one car between the two of us! We will split the area east and west, but I do not know what side of the area I will be on yet, but it will be my decision. I am still going to be the District Leader here as well. Since I have been district leader here, we started with 4 companionship in the district, then it became 5, and now it will become 7! So there is just a lot of cool/fun things that will be happening and it is all to hasten the work of the Lord! There is a lot more small details that I could bore you with, but I won't do that to you!

We had Zone Conference this week as well. It was really great and we talked about the #lighttheworld initiative that the church is doing this year. It is not the exact same as the past 2 years though. I would highly recommend you check it out and if you don't know who to ask about it, then ask the missionaries! I am so excited to be able to serve the people of Massachusetts this Christmas season and hopefully Light their World! 
Loretta got confirmed on Sunday! And I got to do it! That was just great, and I have already talked about them a lot, but they are just so great and it is amazing to help somebody receive the gospel in their lives. 

We were able to set a baptismal date with one of the people who we are working with, Matt. He is way cool. He graduated the same grade as me and he is preparing for baptism on Dec 8th! 

Last but not least, I will share a quick miracle that we saw finding. So it was late one of the nights this week, and some of our plans had fallen through, so we went to our backup plans. But the thing was that we just really weren't feeling it, like the spirit was telling us not to go over there. So we prayed about and decided to go over a contact this potential person. Walking there we were able to talk to this guy, Tim. He and his wife are newly married, and we were able to talk to him about the gospel and he was very interested. It was just so great to see an answer to our sincere prayers. I know that prayers are answered. I also know that our Heavenly Father knows each of us individually, and blesses us specifically according to our needs because he loves us. I love Him. 

I hope that you all have a great week! I will send some pictures of the week! I love you all! Go and see some miracles! 
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
1-5: A couple of pictures from Zone conference and our Zone. 6: These are two people that we are teaching, Jasim and Aimable


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