October 9, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder White

Week 56 - Inspiration Overload!

Hey Hey Everybody!

I hope that you all had an awesome week receiving inspiration! Well I guess I will just have to talk about conference first! So I absolutely loved General Conference! There was some pretty big news! First, church everyday starts in January! That is really what I think is the goal behind the change to a 2 hour church. I love how the focus of the church has been changing from doing covenant keeping stuff, to BECOMING convent keeping people. It is all about the 'Challenge to become'. I absolutely love that! So yes the block is getting shortened down (which I will enjoy in its fullness at home), but there is so much more to it! Another thing I loved in conference was the overall theme of taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ. It all goes along with becoming disciples, verses just doing good things. I could go on and on about conference, but I will spare you the reading, and I don't have that much time to email! haha But I definitely need to go back and prayerfully study each one of the talks, and look for ways the spirit prompts me to make positive change!

So for this week there was some exciting things happening besides conference! We had interviews with our mission president on Wednesday, and then I was able to give an interview to a person that the Spanish Elders are teaching. Oh yeah, one other big thing was that we got our news for transfers this morning! I will be staying in the area, but Elder White has finished being trained and he is getting the boot! I have loved being with Elder White and he has taught me a lot of things while I hope I was able to train/teach him in the smallest of ways! It was not what either of us were expecting, but I am so excited that I get to stay here. I love this area and every single person who lives within the boundaries! (Even if they are all set!)

Loretta passed her interview on Friday, so we are good to go for her baptism on the 20th of Oct! I am way excited for that! We were able to see some cool miracles in finding this week too. There are always miracles to be seen when you are in the service of the Lord (whether you are a full-time missionary or not!)! One of the nights this week we were doing this thing as a zone where we had to find a pumpkin on a doorstep and knock on that door and then take a picture with the pumpkin. Well Elder White and I looked all over in the town where we were working that night and nothing! So we were talking to this one guy in the streets and he said that he could act as a jack-o-lantern! haha So that is one of the pictures I will send this week.

I think that is all that I have to say this week. I love you all very much! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1-2: The District (also, I am not flipping anybody off. I am obviously holding an army man between my 3rd and 4th fingers haha)

3-4: 2 people we met in the 'contest' thing. Jack-o-lantern and a guy in a sweater

5: Conference Cinnamon rolls!

6-8 we found a sign for Lynnfield and it welcome YOU!


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