September 10, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder White

Week 52 = 1 WHOLE YEAR!

Hey Everyone!!

Woah I can't believe that it has been one whole year that I have been on my mission! It is literally so crazy and I am grateful for every minute of it so far! But I still have one whole year ahead of me so full steam onto victory for the Lord! I really am grateful for all of the things that I am learning and becoming. 

Well this weeks weather has been really messed up becasue it was really really hot at first and now it is starting to get pretty cold! I breath in the cold air and it gives me a little PTSD from last year ;) haha just kidding. 

This week has been one with some really cool miracles! Saturday was the day when most of the cool stuff went down. We were able to go over to one of our recent converts house, Dominic. We went over there for dinner. His wife, Loretta, has always been super, super nice to the missionaries and really likes the church, but she has always been "all set" as far as her own religion. Usually when we go over there she is aweosme, but once we start sharing a gospel message, she gets up and walks out. This time after dinner we were able to engage her in a gospel converstaion. She asked about the Word of Wisdom and some other things. Long story short, we were able to share the entire Plan of Salvation with her by the end, as well as a lot more of the other points of the gospel. After the Plan of Salvation we asked what her thoughts were and she said, "I want to go to the Celestial kingdom with Dominic." !!!!!! We were so excited!!! We were able to set a baptismal date with her for Oct 6th, but it might change becasue of general conference. It was truly amazing though!! Right after that lesson we were able to go and teach this couple named Eddy and Jamil. Idk if I have told you about them before, but Eddy speaks english and Jamil does not. She speaks Portuguese. After a great lesson with them, Eddy mentioned in his prayer that they could be members of the church!

Sunday was very busy for us during church! We were able to have four of the people we are teaching there, including Eddy and Jamil. So we were running around crazy trying to get everything worked out with all of them, and we were able to teach one of them during the third hour. Plus we had a missionary's opportunity to speak before she left on her mission, so that brought a lot of extra people to church. We also had a meeting with a high councilor during second hour and we cleaned this old lady's inside car windshield. So it was just a crazy day! But it was awsome and I loved every crazy minute of it! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Pray for those missionary experiences! I love you all!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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