July 30, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder White

Week 47 - "I think I am going to get baptized..."

Hey Everybody!!

I hope that ya'll had a great week! It has been good rockin' the trio out here in Massachusetts!

So this week, right after P-Day we went over to Gary's house to teach our usual lesson with him on Monday nights. I think I have told you about him in the past, but he is doing really good and he is loving the gospel. In the past couple of lessons he has stated how he knows he needs to be baptized, but he has some personal things to work out. We were worried about him, but this past week when we went over there he said, after dinner, "I think I am going to get baptized on the 25th of August". He just brought it up himself! He said he has had such powerful spiritual experiences the past two Sunday's at church. The members have had such a big part of his conversion. I know some of you may think the work you do in the church goes unnoticed, but it doesn't. Every time you share your testimony it strengthens your testimony as well as others. I am so excited for Gary!

Another cool story real quick was what happened on Sunday. So we hadn't had too much success this week in finding new people to teach. So it was Sunday night at about 7 and we knew we had to go out, but we didn't know what direction to go or who to see. We prayed and we got one answer. We went to that house, but when we got there it just did not feel right. We weren't sure why, so we prayed again. We got different directions. We went to the next place and started walking around. The first person we saw was sitting on his motorcycle. We went up and talked to him and it turns out his step-mom is a Mormon. He also feels like he needs to try out a new church, but hadn’t know where. It was such a miracle! Then we were able to find three more people besides him last night. It is amazing the miracles we can see when we humble ourselves before the Lord. I have a very strong testimony of this gospel and of this work.

That is about it from me this week. Thanks for listening to me again and I hope you all have the opportunity to share your testimony this week! I love you all!!
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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