July 9, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Larsen

Week 44 - 4th of July Parties!

Hey Everbody!
I hope that you all had a chance to celebrate the 4th of July and have a good time! I had a great week out here in Massachusetts! It was really hot for a lot of the week though. I think I heard that there were records broken in a lot of places for heat, but all I know is that when I walk out of my apartment at 10 am and it is already 98 degrees with 99% humitity, that is not okay!! haha But none the less it was a great week! 
So we had a really cool experience on the 3rd and then I will tell about what we did on the 4th. So we were contacting some people that we had met before. While we were doing that, two of the people that we were trying to go and see walked out of their house. They hopped in their truck and started to drive away, but when they saw us they turned back and came and said that they were headed to a party and that we should come to it. We were questioning a bit on whether we should go over there, becasue we didn't know what was going to be going down at that party. So we prayed about it multiple times, and we didn't really get prompting either was so we just decided to go and see if the Lord would stop us! So we got there and got out of the car. The first house we walked by we felt like we should knock on it. So we did and they let us right in to share the Restoration! Then after that we got to the party and we had to leave quickly but they gave us food before we left. So double win on the party!! 
For the 4th, one of the bigger things that we did was go into East Boston and set up a booth. At the booth we did the Book of Mormon experience. I think I have explained that before, but we did that and it went really well! It was a lot of fun to be able to see people reading the Book of Mormon that never have even thought that they ever would! We got done late that night so we had to drive home while all of the fireworks were happening. We didn't get any really good views of them, but we could look around and see like 15 firework displays going off in the distance. It was pretty cool! 
Another cool thing this week was that we got to go and fix one of our investigators washing machine. It was a really big blessing because we have been unable to contact her in the last little bit, but service prevails!
Well that is all the time I have this week to tell, but I wish I could tell all of the miracles I was able to see this week! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
1. This is us and one of the recent converts and this just shows the height difference!


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