July 2, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Larsen

Week 43 - You NEED to join the church!

Hello Family and Friends!!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week! So this was an action packed week for me here in Massachusetts! I will tell a few stories and a couple things that happened, then we will go from there!

So first…on Tuesday, we were going over to Salem for a lesson with one of the people we are teaching, Teewon. While we were driving over there, we got a text from her saying that she had to cancel. We were almost there, and our member present was already there, so we had to cancel on her too. So we decided to do some finding in the area. We were knocking doors and trying to talk to everybody, and nothing. Finally we decided that we could see the bay just down the street, so we were going to go and take a picture for a minute. We walked over took a picture (pics below) , and after we were done, we looked over and there were two guys sitting on the rocks. When we walked over to talk to them, the first one immediately said he didn't want to talk about Jesus. The second one let us keep talking. Long story short, by the end of us teaching parts of the restoration, they both really wanted a Book of Mormon and for us to come back! It is awesome how the Spirit works!!!

Next, another exciting this was on Wednesday and Thursday. So Wednesday night we drove another set of Elders up to Manchester, NH with us. While there we stayed the night so we could get an hour or so ahead of driving time on the next day becasue we were going up to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial! We had a special Zone conference becasue of all the missionaries coming from the Boston Mission have not had a chance to go. So as a thanks, the Blairs took us up to the JSM! We had a really good meeting that day. Also, it was supposed to rain really hard all that day, and through many people's prayers, we were able to have some time when it stopped raining to go and stand by the Memorial. The Spirit was so strong there, and it was amazing to have my testimony of Joseph Smith and the Priesthood renewed!

One more story. We were walking down the street on Sunday and we started talking to this lady on her porch. She was kind of interested and we gave her a Book of Mormon and said we would call her. Then we walked away and tried some people down the street. When we walked back after knocking those doors, we were suprised when somebody yelled out to us from the same house that we gave the Book of Mormon. It turns out it was her Uncle who she was staying with. He walks down the stairs of the porch with the Book of Mormon in his hands. We were preparing for a good yell at and giving us the Book back, but he came down and said "Do you have another one of these? I would be delighted and very interested to learn more!" Yes!!!

Okay, I promise, last story this time. So Sunday was Fast and Testimony Sunday, and in Gospel Principles, our teacher turned some time over to the people that didn’t want to stand up in front of everybody in Sacrament Meeting, or didn't have time. So one lady goes and then the next person goes, and it was our investigator, Gary. He starts telling about how he has been praying about the Book of Mormon and what he should do about the church, and he said that this morning he had been looking through some devotional thing after just praying and he popped it open to a random page. The first thing it said in all bold letter was, " YOU NEED TO JOIN THE CHURCH!! He took that as his answer and we should be setting a baptisimal date with him tonight!!!

Sorry for the long email yall, I hope you stuck it out and read it becasue the church is true, and Jesus Christ is the head. God knows his children, and sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven! I love you all, and have a fantastic week!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1: This is of the North Shore Zone with President and Sister Blair.
2: Picture of us at the bay, where we talked to the two guys.
3-7: JSM!!!


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