May 14, 2018


Topsham, Maine


Elder Wandry

Week 36 - Mother's Day!

Hello Everybody! 

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Whether you got to talk to a missionary or not, Mother's Day is such an amazing day! I know that I sure am grateful for my mother as well as all of the other mothers and mother figures out there! 
For Mother's Day, before we Skype called, we were able to go around and visit some people in the ward that deserved a Mother's Day visit and it was just such a great experience being able to share a little light with some people when they need it most! 

I will share a quick story of one of the people that we were able to find this week. His name is Jared. So we were walking down Maine St and this guy comes walking out of this restaurant. He walks out and yells, "Mormon!? I love mormons!" So we of course went and started a conversation with him and asked him how he knew mormons and stuff like that. Well he told us that he grew up in the Jehovah Witness church until he we like 16. Then he asked some questions to his Elder about some things and he didn't give Jared any straight or good answers, so he left. Since then he has lost most belief in God and even wonders if God is just a man-made figment. We were able to answer a few right there and then he told us that he was getting cold, but that we could talk with him next week. It was crazy becasue he set up his own return appointment! Pretty great though! 
Well that is about all from me this week! I am loving Maine, I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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