February 19, 2018


Topsham, Maine


Elder Levi Nielson

Week 24 - When Church Speakers Are Snowed In

Hey everybody! Happy Valentines Day!

I have had a great week! It has finally warmed up just a little bit. It started towards the start of the week to warm up, but then on Sunday we got just under a foot of snow. This next week though it is supposed to reach 60 degrees on one of the days, so that will be great!

As far as Valentines Day goes, I did get one Valentine from somebody in Maine! On Tuesday, we were trying to contact this lady who was one of our new Investigators from a couple weeks ago that we have been unable to teach. So we went and knocked on her door for the second time that day, and she was home and her kids were all around the table making their Valentines for the next day at school. She has 3 kids under the age of like 8 ish, and one of them gave me a Valentine! So I did get a Valentine and we did get to set up a time to meet with her this coming week!

The rest of the week was good and we were able to teach a few lessons and find a new person to teach. Sunday was going to be a big day for us. We were expecting a lot of investigators at church so I was super excited! Then Sunday we got snow and that ruined a lot of the chance that we had to get the majority of our Investigators to sacrament meeting! The snow even stopped some members from coming, because it was so unexpected. Even one of the speakers didn't show! So my companion and I were the lucky chosen ones to get up and fill in the extra time in sacrament meeting! I was actually really grateful for it and I got to share a couple of really good thoughts I had been thinking, as well as my testimony! Then after church, we were able to have a lesson with one of our Investigators, Michele, and we were able to set a baptismal date with her! She is preparing for April 7th, and I know that she will be able to be ready by then! 

Sorry this is a shorter email, but I just wanted to close with the scripture that I shared in sacrament meeting. Alma 5: 28. It talks about how we need to be stripped of our pride, and how we need to be prepared to meet God. I know that all of our experiences in life, weather good or bad, are preparing us to meet God again. From each tough experience we can gain knowledge and be humbled as well as "stripped of our pride". I of course likened it to a backpacking trip (if you have ever heard a talk by any male in my family, you know that is a regular.) Each thing we pack in our bag is an experience that we have had, and when we have all of our experiences and learn from our hard times, we will be prepared to meet our Loving Heavenly Father again. (Hopefully that made sense in text :) 

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Elder Brown

105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1. After the snow storm, it warmed right up,and so the snow was just plummeting off of the trees because it was melting, and it was super cool. You can't see that too well in the picture, but take my word for it :) 


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