January 30, 2018


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Trey Bowman

Week 21 - Transfers!

Hello Everybody!!!

I hope you week was great! I had a really great week! I have some cool stuff to say this week, and I don't know what order I will say it in so just hopefully that I can get it all in and you all understand it!

First of all, I am a day late because we had transfer calls on Sunday and we did our P-day today so we could go to the temple. Well, transfer news is that I will be leaving Elder Bowman, and I will be going up to Topsham, Maine! It is on the coast, so that will be fun! My new companion will be Elder Nielson. (No not Nathan haha) I will be Greenie Breaking him (which means he has been out 2 transfers and he is just barley getting out of training). I am super excited for that and I leave on Thursday to go down to Manchester, and then up to Topsham!

Next thing, Super Bowl! Many of you know, that I am an Eagles fan, and the Eagles have not been very good for a while. Now they are in the Super Bowl! Now while I do wish I was watching the game, I am glad I get to not watch the game and instead get to be serving the children of God during it! Best way to spend a Super Bowl! But the funny thing about the game is about who the Eagles are playing. The New England Patriots. Emphasis on the NEW ENGLAND! So literally everyone out here is a Patriots fan! I would say like 99% of the people out here are Patriot fans! A random guy on the street explained it to me, "People out here, either they are Patriots fans, or they get lots of crap for not being a Patriots fan". Well the game has been a really good conversations starter though!

So one funny story that happened this week was when we were trying to store contact. If I haven't explained yet, we go store contacting sometimes because it is too cold for people to be outside haha. Well we were in a small Walgreens and somehow we made down the wine aisle. Then this one guy walks around the corner and we say hi to him, and he says "are y'all Mormons?? What are a bunch of Mormons doing in the wine section!" He was super funny and said it in such a good accent haha. We ended up talking to him a bit and I said that I could suggest a wine, to him, but it wouldn't be based off of past experience or taste! haha

Well I don't have too much time left, but maybe I can share this story fast. Pretty much, we weren't able to find any new investigators all week long, then on Sunday we had been praying all day to be able to find one. Our goal for the week had been five investigators, but by the end of Sunday we were praying so hard to just get one. I could tell more of the story, but mainly we were able to find just one at the very end of the night! Only minutes before we had to go in for the night! I want to leave my testimony of prayer, I know that it works. I love that our Father is only a prayer away and we always have access to him! I love you all so much and I hope that you had a great week!

Also, I was able to go to the temple again today! It will probably be my last time for about a yearish. Hopefully sooner though!


Elder Brown

1&2: Temple pictures!

3&4: This was our last district pictures!


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