January 22, 2018


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Trey Bowman

Week 20 - Be Prepared!

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you had a fantastic week! This week was a good week here in NH! We got some more snow on Wednesday, but it wasn't that much. Only about 5 inches, but by the end of the week it has started to warm up again. So yesterday while we were walking around I only had to wear a light sweater! I heard that back home we finally got some snow which is awesome.

Not too many exciting things happened this week. We were able to find a couple of people to start teaching! But the bad thing is that we find a few more people to teach, and then we lose contact with some other people that we had found in the past couple of weeks. I am pretty sure I told you guys about John last week. He is super cool and we have been able to teach him a couple times this week. I love that we are able to use Facebook in the work because that has been the only way we have been able to stay in contact with John. We are able to send scriptures to our investigators every day. It is such a blessing and the Lord's work really is hastening!

One funny/interesting story from this last week is from our P-Day last week. So for P-Day we went over to the coast with the Sanford Elders. I was the only one that had not been to the Maine coast before so we went and took some pictures there. The thing was that it was going to be a nice trip to the coast, but it was only like 20 degrees and then adding wind chill! This would have been just fine too if we had been prepared, but we were not at all! On top of that we had to get the very best pictures. The best place to take pictures was about a quarter mile run, so we started running! To sum it up, it was a far run, and it was freezing cold, so we took a few pictures and then ran back! It was quite the adventure for my first time on the Maine coast! Those pictures will be at the bottom of the email. So moral of the story is, when you go to the coast, Be Prepared!!!

So along the lines of being prepared, we all need to be prepared whether it be with a big coat, or with our faith! In Moroni 7:33 it says "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me". If we want to have that power, then we need to be prepared with our faith. You can't just randomly have faith when you need power. We all need to build our faith in preparation for when we will need the power of Christ. I know that His power is the greatest power you can have! I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!!!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

Picture 1: This is most of the Exeter Zone, of the NHMM.
Pictures 2-5: On the freezing coast
Picture 6: At a cool surf shop on the coast


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