December 26, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Trey Bowman

Week 16 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

So this Christmas week was really good! The only not very good thing was that trying to contact people wasn't very good because nobody would set a return appointment until after the holidays! But besides that it has been a very good week! It was my first week with a companion other than my trainer, which has been really good! My companion is Elder Bowman. He is from Idaho Falls and has been out about 6 months. I have really enjoyed taking the lead in a lot of the planning and teaching situations! Then top of the week with an awesome Christmas and a video call home to the family! Now I'll tell you some good stories! (Sorry if my family has already heard them haha)

So for Christmas we wanted to do something for people who might not have the best time on Christmas, so we decided to bake some cookies and take them to the people that had to work on Christmas! We baked them Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas day we went out and tried to hand them out! To make it even better, it was like a blizzard on Christmas day! Yeah it was like my biggest storm out in NH yet! So trudging through the snow was really fun and giving out cookies was a blast! 
After we had handed out most of our cookies we started walking into some neighborhoods to try to find some people that we could shovel some snow for. We ended up finding this guy named Jesse. He was pretty far off of the road and behind a lot of snow. He was trying to shovel his way out so he could get his car out. We decided to yell out to him and he said he wasn't doing to well, so we asked if we could help, and he said sure. We helped him shovel his way out, and when we were close to getting done, he started to try and pay me. I told him no, but that we would love to share a message with him. He said alright and we went in and taught him! And we are going back to teach him again tomorrow! 

So all together, I would say I had a very good Christmas! I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be out serving the people of New England all of the time! Even on Christmas! I love all of you and hope you have a great week! Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Brown

105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1. Elder Bowman and I on Christmas.
2. We found this really cool bridge!


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