November 16, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Broekhuijen

Week 10 and half of week 11!

Hey everybody!

So the reason that I am emailing today is because the Somersworth missionaries, (My comp, me, and the sisters in this area) got to go to the temple today!! So that was super awesome! Brother Drew, our high priest group leader, takes the missionaries all of the time so we went this week. We go to the Boston temple. The requirements are that you have to live within 2 hours of the temple (So a lot of the mission is disqualified a lot of the time.), You have to switch it with a P-Day (Hence why I am emailing today), and you can only go every 6 months for personal worship if you meet all of the other criteria! So I was lucky! I will add some pictures of the temple, but pretty much we just woke up and left to the temple, then came right back to our area.

One story from this week is of the new investigator we found. It was late at night and probably 30 degrees max. Elder B decided to stop and read the side of a truck. So we stopped and then started going again, but I had a feeling to go back and read the truck again. So I did and like 10 seconds later a guy walked past in a hoddie and smoking a cigarette. He stopped and was like "Mormons?" and then just kept on walking! So we caught up with him as he was speed walking and he just kept talking to us! That is a really thing, but he kept speed walking! So long story short, he ended up speed walking across most of Rochester, but we set up a return appointment with him and we will be teaching him! His name is Lance. I will tell you more about him hopefully if all goes well!

Another great thing was that we had a baptism this last weekend. He was technically a convert baptism, but he came to church every single week. His name is Robbie and he lives with his mom and step-dad who are both members, but his birth dad wouldn't let him be baptized. But finally his dad's heart was softened and he was allowed to be baptized! That was so cool and it proves that miracles can happen!

Well I love all of you! I hope you have a great, week and I will talk with ya'll in like 4ish days!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1. Elder Broekhuijsen, Brother Drew, and I at the temple
2. Me, Elder B, Sister Galbraith, and Sister Brown
3. Our old Somersworth crew. Sister Morisson went to Maine and we gained Sister Brown.


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