October 30, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Broekhuijen

Week 8 - Facebook Miracles

Hey Everybody!
All has been good in New Hampshire this week! At least it has been good until last night. Last night there was a big storm that hit. We don't know too much about it. I didn't know that it had even happened until we were driving to our Ward Mission Leader's house and there were trees all over the road. We also hear from our high priest group leader that there is like 200,000 houses without power, but you guys probably more about it then I do haha. We are fine and we have power! 
We did a bunch of service this week. We helped a lady in our ward move a bunch of lumber around, we had our volunteer work at the thrift store, and we helped one of the sisters' Investigators get her house ready to sell. The sisters' investigator's name is Debbie. She has pretty bad health and is trying to move down south. To do so, she had to do a bunch of work on her house. We volunteered to do it willingly! We built some stuff on the side of her house, painted, mowed the lawn, put up insulation and siding, so pretty much Elder Broekhuijen and I were only qualified for one of those jobs! But we did them all anyways! 
The subject of my email refers to our Facebook Live Book of Mormon reading. So we have all of these tools with technology now and Elder B and I decided that one of the things we were going to do was read the BoM Live. We have done it twice now and plan on doing it every Mondy, Thursday, and Saturday and 8 P.M. ET. So we did it last Thursday and it was good and all, but not the greatest. We did it on Saturday and it was a lot better! The miracle that came from it was that Elder Chase, he used to be in this mission also he was the one mentioned in conference, and Elder Price used to go and read the Book of Mormon with a girl with cerebral palsy. We don't know where she lives, but she messaged us after the live video and told us her story and how she is so thankful for us doing this! So I love the technology that we have and it is most definitely progressing the Lord's work! 
Well besides that, the work has been struggling along here in Rochester, it is rough to find people to teach as well as keeping people interested and progressing, but we will press forward with faith! I know that miracles can come from trying our best and doing what Christ would do! 
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
1. Service at Debbie's house!


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