October 23, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Broekhuijen

Weeks 6 and 7 - JSM!!

Hey everybody! 
I am sorry about not being able to send an email out last week. I was planning on sending one out on wednesday because we didn't have a P-day this past week, but the wifi at the church wasn't working! So this one will hopefully count for 2 weeks. I will try and account the best I can on the last two weeks. 
Tuesday the 10th: We had Zone Conference which was in Exeter. The focus of the meeting was all about Obedience and social media as well as our new smartphones. So I am not sure how much of the technology stuff I have explained, but pretty much we all have smartphones now and also we have facebook. So we have been given the ability to choose for ourselves who we add and don't add on facebook. I would like all of you to know that in using facebook, my sole purpose will be to bring the joy of the gospel to others and fulfill my missionary purpose. I have decided that if you would like to add me as a friend, then I will accept the friend request, but I will not follow (or see your posts) and if you would like to contact me I would be more than happy to talk you to through email on my p-day! So enough of that haha 
Saturday the 14th: We helped with a pumpkin festival in Somersworth. So from about 10-4 I was helping out at a pumpkin smashing booth. It was pretty fun to get to do that as and it was a good service to some members of our ward! The bad thing was that I had pumpkin guts all over me by the end of the day. 
Sunday through Tuesday - 15th-17th: This was the New Missionary Training Meeting! This was also why I didn't email last week and it was also super awesome. Sunday night at approx. 7:51 we left our apartment to go to Bedford (which is pretty much just Manchester) to stay the night there. Then we went to the mission office in the morning and loaded up in busses and headed up to the Joseph Smith Memorial in South Royalton, Vermont! The ride up was already fun because the 15 passenger van was a blast haha. Then it just got even more fun! On Monday we did service at the JSM all day. It was so fun, we raked leaves, cut down plants, trimmed trees, cleaned moss off of roofs, put up Christmas lights, and more! Service is just so awesome in the first place and then being around a lot more missionaries and doing it at the birthplace of Joseph Smith is even better! I will have some pictures of the JSM and of some of the service we did. On Monday night we had a fireside with an actual fire! It was really cold, but the fire and the spirit at the fireside kept us warm :) haha. So about the weather, it was overcast and pretty cold all day while doing service. And then for the night the Sisters' went and stayed in a hotel, while the Elders were going to stay at Camp Joseph (the cabins at the JSM). It was projected to get down to 25 degrees that night and we were planned to stay in small cabins with no insulation with two sets of elders. It was an interesting night! We ended up staying all in the mess hall together. We brought our mattresses up from our cabins and stayed together. There still wasn't any insulation or heating, but we had a couple more blankets up there haha. We survived the night though! Then in the morning we woke up and took some kinda warm but mostly cold showers and got ready for a day of training! The day of training was awesome too! I learned so much and we had a lot of fun times! We ate good food the whole time and I love the JSM so it was a really great experice. Also just being around some super funny missionaries made it fun too!
Wednesday and Thursday - 18th-19th: These days we had exchanges. This was the first time that I got to lead out the area of Rochester which was kinda scary but it all turned out great! I was on exchanges with Elder Solomon, who is from Snowflake, AZ. The most eventful things about the exchange was just that it was so successful as in like was had a lot of contacting and a lot of people wanted to learn! We had set goals to contact a certain amount of people on the streets and amount of Books of Mormon that we were going to hand out etc. and we totally crushed our goals! It was so awesome! One miracle we saw  from this was when we went to see one of our investigators we talked with him and he said he didn't want to learn anymore, which was kinda depressing but right after that we were walking down a street and a lady was smoking by her car in the shade just chillin. We decided that we were going to talk to her and she is awesome! We taught her the Restoration and she said she was already trying to quit smoking! So that was a blessing to meet her. 
I have more days that I could say more about, but I am running out of time! So I will just leave you all with this, I know that God has a plan for each of us and he knows what will happen to us. We have that plan for us, but we have to use our agency to make it happen and receive the blessings from it. We are all agents. Agent vs Object. Don't be objectified by any situation that you are in. Choose to make the best of everything, choose to love others and have charity, choose to live like Christ, choose to be the best you can be!!! 
I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
1. This is one of the groups I was doing service with and we were walking to a different part of the JSM. (My MTC companion on my left, President Blair on my right, and my Trainer on the next right)2. This is one of the many group photos at the JSM3. This is a Cemetery in Rochester with some good autumn4. I promised that I would get some pictures of the trees, but I'm not the best at it so you get what you get and you don't throw a fit :) but it has been beautiful!


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