April 7, 2019


Phuket Thailand


Elder Robinson

Week 47: Just heat and a lot of fun

สวัสดี ครับ ผม

This week has been so fun and so hot! Honestly, a regular week of work, but with a lot of cool lessons and cool new people.

This week we were able to meet with and teach an investigator we met last week who seemed way promising, and he had read like 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon in a few days and we were hyped! He was pretty confused with the Langauge and all, but after we explained a bit to him, he understood quite well. We explained the vision of the tree of life to him and related it to the plan of salvation. He liked it a ton, and he made his own return appt with us. It was way cool how open and willing to learn he was. He was just eating it up. Way fun to teach him, his name is เจ(Jay).

Also, this week as we were inviting, we talked to an old lady who told us she liked to read and learn. So we introduced the Book of Mormon to her. As we were doing that, one of her sons pulled up on a scooter next to us, and he said in English, "Hey are you guys missionaries?" and we were like "yeah!" he explained to us that in his youth he had some Jehovah witness missionaries come to their house and teach them and that he had lost contact with them after a few moves. So, he asked us if we could teach him! We said of course! And we gave him a Book of Mormon. We set an appt for Sunday.

On that Sunday, we went to visit him at his house, turns out, he's a pretty successful tour guide, and his wife works in a hotel, so they are very well off. We taught the guy and his wife, and they were both very open and very interested in our church. He (his name was Yutthana) said that he was looking for a way to calm himself down and cool his blood down after things and events that make him angry (like dumb drivers or dumb tourists). He said he was looking for a religion for that. He also told us his son is 16 and is a little bit naughty right now (haha) and he wants us to teach him to be able to help his kid. We told him that that's what this religion is all about. We told them that through praying and reading the Book of Mormon, all of that and more was possible. It was a way cool experience to teach someone so open and so humble In such good a financial situation because a lot of rich people in Thailand are very prideful.

Also this week, elder Robinson and I were trying to think of ways we can invite people better because right now in the hot season, not a lot of people are outside by their houses or at parks and stuff. They are inside or they are driving or something. So, we got the idea from another Elder, who President Hammond told to go and make a huge banner, say on one side we teach English for free, and on the other say we teach religion for free, and go to a busy place and sit there and wait for the elect to come to you. It sounds like a pretty lazy way to invite, but, because President Hammond suggested it, and because there are a lot of busy areas we can go sit down at and expose our English class to a lot of people (more people than we could do from regular inviting) we decided to go make and order a banner. So we did. The banner isn't ready yet, but we are excited to try it out this next week, and see how it goes.

This week I learned about the Islamic religion too, because we found another Muslim investigator. He is super willing to learn, and also very willing to teach us. So Elder Robinson and I studied some talks on<> about Islam, and it was way interesting. I learned about how much Mohammad helped the Arab people. In Mohammad time, many people were worshipping Allah(God) through many other pagan images and practices, Including inappropriate activities such as human sacrifices and infanticide. Well, through Mohammad's teachings he was able to turn the whole Arab community around and had them worship God, not many pagan gods, images, and practices. It helped to open my eyes to the goodness Mohammad did for his people and really opened my eyes to a religion that some people don't like or respect at all.

Learning about the Islam religion just strengthened my faith in the love God has for all His people.
Alma 29:88 says, "For behold, the Lord doth grant unto all nations, of their own nation and tongue, to teach his word, yea, in wisdom, all that he seeth fit that they should have; therefore we see that the Lord doth counsel in wisdom, according to that which is just and true."

I know for a fact that Heavenly Father loves us so much. I also know for a fact because of His love, He has restored His true and full teachings and doctrine in this modern day, through His prophet Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that it is proof that these events have happened. If we read it and ponder it, then we will know these things are true for sure, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Anderson


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