February 25, 2019


Asoke Thailand


Elder Hoban

Week 41: selfies, babies, and drunkards


This​ week blew by! Wednesday we switched off with the zone leaders, and Elder English came to my area and we had a good day. It was alot of inviting, but it was way fun. We went hard, and met with some way good people. He is such a nice and smart guy. what was way fun about that day was that after talking to like 4 different people, they all asked for a selfie. It was way cool just taking random pics with people even tho most of them weren't interested, hopefully they'll remember us and next time they see missionaries they'll be interested to learn more next time.

Also, on the switch off with Elder English, we were walking around in a neighborhood, we saw a little naked baby boy running around, and he ran up to us, and we were like "hi!" He just stood there in front of us, and then he started peeing. He looked down, and then looked up at us with a kind of distressed face that said, "Ahh what the... Help me!" 😯 lol it was so cute, and after he was finished peeing, he just ran back to his house. What a cutie.

That same day we saw a fight too!
But it was literally nothing. It was two drunk dudes pushing at each other and drunkily swinging at each other. They were both too drunk to move and function with much vigor, so me and Elder English looked at each other, laughed, and walked off. The funniest part, it was literally 9 am, and they were wasted out of their minds. Funny funny.

This week we had two sweet miracle lessons. One investigator this week totally dropped us. He was mad at God and us that he didn't make his choir thing he was trying out for. So he was way mad, and told us to basically to beat it. But then this Sunday, he came to church! It was so cool! He was still a little upset at us, but he told another Elder that he wanted to do what it take to follow Christ and get baptized. We are excited to work with him some more!

Also with sister จิ๋ม, we taught her about the priesthood. We taught her how we need the authority of God to perform His eternal ordinances. I think it really touched her, and we invited her to ask God and make a solid commitment with Him to enter into a covenant with Him, and be baptized into His true church. We taught her about this because she is so good, loves the church and loves the Book of Mormon and all the members, but she hasn't made the decision to get baptized. She wants to, but she has been going to another church for 20 years before, and she's a bit scared to leave her friends there. But we know that if we put Christ first in our lives, everything will work out for good.

3 Nephi 13 says,
32 For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

These two verses are very powerful. They state that your Father in Heaven knows your needs, and if you seek Him and His kingdom first, He'll take care of you. Your needs will be taken care of. Sometimes tho, life throws us a curveball, and we feel lost and hopeless, especially when our greatest dreams and desires aren't fulfilled. Sometimes, we can't control others agency. But, we can control our attitudes, and God will take care of our needs in His time, if we seek Him first.

Love yall! This week, try to seek Him and His kingdom first. Try to serve another. Put someone else before yourself. I know as you do this, you'll feel Christ's love in your life, and you'll be able to help others feel it too 😁

Have a great week everyone! Stay awesome!

Elder Anderson


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