January 7, 2019


Asoke Thailand


Elder Taylor

Week 34: Switch offs, dogs, and miracles!


Hey​ this was a sweet week!

We had two switch offs this week. First one was with the zone leaders, and I went to their area in บางแค ​and I got to switch off with my trainer Elder McWhorter!!! It was so fun to work with him again, and we had way good hunting talks like we used to when we were companions before. It was way fun, and it was especially fun to work and teach with him now since I can speak Thai alot better than before.

The second switch off was with the office Elders, and I went to their area for the day, with Elder Speakman from Wyoming. He's way cool, and super smart. We got to teach some way good people, and also do some office elder work. They work so hard, and have really good prioritizing skills, because they have to balance their office work with missionary work. It was really fun to work with him, in the office and in the field. The office work was kind of cool, we just entered baptismal records and made some other reports. It's kind of cool to see the numbers from the mission.

Also, a way cool thing, we met a dog named Lion this week. He seemed like a German Shepard mix with some other huge dog breed, he was such a big dog, but he was so cute and nice, we talked to his owner, but he wasn't much interested in the church. We asked lion if he was interested, and he said YES! That we could come back and teach him! So that was cool! He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon 😉😉👍(pictures below)

Also, this Sunday we had an awesome miracle. I went to go see some investigators with Elder Speakman (because he was giving us these Investigstors because they live in my area), and as we met with this couple, another couple was at their house. So, in the lesson, we taught 2 couples (4 people) all about Jesus Christ, and his doctrine, and about the Book of Mormon and how they can all feel him in their lives. It was way fun to teach that lesson, because I've never taught that many people in one lesson, and they were so interested it really suprised me. It was such a miracle they were all interested and they all accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to be taught more. Heavenly Father truly prepares His children to hear and accept His words.

This week, I just want to share this talk with all of you.

Lately, we have been questioned about the truthfulness of our church, from alot of our Christian Investigstors, and from other Investigstors (we have an ex-athiest investigator). But this talk, really helps explain the origins, the foundation, of Christ's church. Listen to it, it's way good, and it can help you learn a ton. Keep an open heart, and listen to the spirit when you read/listen to the talk, I think you'll find it so interesting.

Hey love yall, keep being awesome!
Elder Anderson


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