October 1, 2018


Udorn Thailand


Elder Byers

Week 20- บ้ามากเลย​และการประชุมไหญ่​

Hey​ how is it everyone! Hope you guys liked my subject line this week, because this week has been บ้ามากเลย. So stay tuned.

Crazy thing number 1: so this week, Elder Byers and I got some food for lunch (we got some sticky rice and ไก่ปิ้ง, which is literally grilled chicken on a stick. So we were sitting in this neighborhood sidewalk eating our chicken and rice, and this guy across the street from us was walking around in his garage. He glanced at us every once and awhile (its not uncommon for people to give us weird looks. It's a little unusual to see two white people wearing church clothes in the Thai heat just chilling eating grilled chicken and rice in the middle of a random neighborhood). But, eventually, he walks over to us and starts talking to us in English! He asks us if we were Christian and we were like yeah! And he told us he studied in Australia for two years, and went to a different Christian church over there. He said he loved it, and then after asking us when and where our church is, he told us, "you know what, I will go to your church." So we were like sweet! Since then, we've taught him twice, and although he wasn't able to go to church (cause of family stuff), he still has expressed the desire of wanting to go, so we're excited to be teaching and working with him.

Crazy thing number 2 and 3:
I fell off my bike twice this week! Within two days! The first time I fell off was when we were biking away from a house where we were just talking to some people, and there was a dog, a pretty big dog, in the middle of the road just barking at us. So, I didn't want to run it over, so I gained some spead to try to just pass by it fast. But it chased me, and in my efforts to avoid it, I slipped off the side road a bit and lost control, and fell off my bike. The crashing from my bike scared the dog away, and I only scrapped my knee up a bit, so all is good!

The second time I crashed, I went in to turn into this neighborhood from a little road, and right where I need to start turning was wet and slippery from like irrigation from the house near by. I didn't realize it was wet and slippery, so I took the turn like normal, only to figure out I didn't have any traction, so I just kind of slipped out. I didn't get hurt at all Besides a tiny scrape on my arm, and a bunch of mud on my shirt, all was well. But there was a guy chilling with his ตุ๊กๆ​ right by where I crashed, and he wanted to take a picture of the scene for some reason. I had gotten up, and started to get on my bike to continue to our appointment, but he wanted me to put my bike down and lay on the ground for him to take a picture of me. And he REALLY wanted that picture, but we were like, "nah we are OK, we gotta go see ya!" lol.

Crazy thing 3: we met a guy from Australia who told us his beliefs about religion. He said he honestly believed Mary (Jesus's mom) was truly a virgin when she birthed Jesus. But, he believes aliens artificially inseminated Mary, and that all Jesus's powers to perform miracles came from His alien genes. When we told him that the apostles or Jesus also performed miracles (like Peter raising people from the dead, and Moses parting the red sea) he kind of just dismissed those miracles and talked around them. He was an interesting guy, but he told us he comes to Thailand once a month to donate clothes to the orphanage. So he has a good heart, and a very interesting view of the world. You meet some fascinating people on a mission.

So something awesome Is about to happen. It's called general conference (การประชุมไหญ่​)​​! It's so cool. In the church, every six months we just have a big conference where we hear the apostles, the prophet and other leaders in the church talk to us. It's so cool because through their talks, we can receive direction and guidance in our lives, and we can even get direct answers to questions we have. This week I found a little random article on, about how to get the most out of general conference. I'll share their 5 steps with you all!
" 1) Write down your questions before general conference starts.
Take the time to write down your questions before conference starts, and then pay attention to answers that come to you during conference. Your prayers and questions can be answered as you participate and listen to the Spirit.

2) Seek to learn of Christ.
Prophets testify and teach about the Savior (see Acts 10:43). As you listen to the conference messages, you could think about what the speakers are teaching you about Jesus Christ. You could even make a list in your notes.

3) Watch for themes.
After watching some of general conference, you might notice that you’ve heard a topic or theme mentioned more than once. The patterns you notice may be one way the Spirit helps you recognize something you need to learn.

4) Take note of the Book of Mormon
You can learn a lot by paying attention to the scriptures Church leaders refer to, especially the Book of Mormon, which is “the keystone of our religion” (introduction to the Book of Mormon). See if you can keep track of each time it’s mentioned in general conference. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

5) Be motivated and inspired to act.

Write down messages and quotes that inspire you or invite you to take action. This can help you apply what you learn—and help you remember what your thoughts were later when you need the reminder!"

So before General Conference starts, try to write down some questions, write out some concerns. And then look for them in general confernce! I'd bet money you'll get some answers. Try it out!

Love you'll, have a good week!
Elder Anderson


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