July 22, 2018


Bangkhen Thailand


Elder McWhorter

Letter 10

This week has been super fun.
Wednesday we had zone conference, and it was super good! We learned alot about Christ, and how He gives us hope, about how He gives everyone hope! We talked about how He needs to basically be in the center of our message as a missionary. We talked about when we contact people, how we should be ministering to them, and really getting to know people and being genuinely nice and caring to and for people, even if they aren't super interested in learning or coming to church or whatever. It was really good, and Thursday we went out Inviting for a while and we tried to do that when we talk to people. We've gotten a person to call us and wanted to learn more so that's a good sign! We'll be teaching the guy that called us this week! I hope he can feel Christ's love for him as we meet up!

Friday's schedule got kind of messed up. We had the President's assistant missionries call us in to do interviews with the president (We do Interviews once a transfer just to see how everything's going and be able to get some one on one talking time with the president). And we had to reorganize our day a little bit, but it worked out OK because we had like 3 people cancel on us so it was perfect! Our interviews went well, President Hammond is an awesome guy. I'm super excited for these next two years with him, they're going to be awesome.

We met with sister กุ้ง​ on Saturday, and she's awesome. She's so nice too, she always buys us bingsu, which is kind of like shaved ice but shaved frozen milk which you can add toppings to. She aways buys us two huge bowls, one usually with fruit and honey drenched all over it and one with oreos and chocolate syrup all over. Mhmm yummy. Also, her understanding of the scriptures and Christ have gone through the roof! Just goes to show you how reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday, even just a little bit, can help you with whatever. In her case, it helped her to understand the Christ's gospel better.

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, but on the way to bishops house for a dinner appointment, it started raining super hard so we stopped under a Ramada thing by a 7/11 and met some awesome people there. I talked to a guy who was waiting for his friend to buy some beer from the 7/11. He was a super nice guy, and wasn't super interested in Christ (yet) but he was interested in our English class and said he'd probably come. Just a way cool guy. He also had a super cool motorcycle, but he said something was broken on it(didn't quite catch what was broken on it don't quite have that kind of vocabulary yet) but it still looked sweet.

Anyways, that was my week. Until next week, just remember, "... God had provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings" (Mosiah 8:18). Have faith in God, and He will provide a means for miracles to happen, and sometimes your good workings and your good doings will be the means and miracles for someone else. Just have faith in God, and be genuine person. Minister unto others as Christ would minister, and you will be a great instrument in God's hand to bring to pass much good!

Love you'll! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson


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