June 11, 2018


Bangkhen Thailand


Elder Eschner

4th week!!!!

This week has been crazy amazing!

Our two investigators sister หยีง and sisterกุ้ง​ are scheduled to be baptized the 24th of this month! They are both progressing well in their faith, and we hope they will be ready for that date! We have had to push both there baptism dates back twice because we didn't feel like they were ready, but we are confident now that they will be ready for the 24th!
Also got ภักดี​ and อ้อย ​commitmed to a baptismal date! They were my first people I ever helped teach, and they have so much faith, they really love the gospel even though they don't understand much about it. I hope they really will be ready to be baptized in July, I have faith they will be!

Also, we had two really neat experiences. Thursday, we were doing companion study, and randomly some guy calls us and asks when the church is open, cause he wants to come and learn. We told him he had to make an appointment, and he did, and we met him at the church an hour later with his girlfriend. We gave them a tour of the church, and They both told us they just wanted someone to touch their hearts, that they wanted an anchor for their hearts. What better anchor can there be except for Christ! So we taught them about the restoration, and they were both super Interested, and we are meeting with them both again soon. The girls name is ดิว​(like mountain "dew") and the guys name is สัน​(or son) so he has like the last part of my last name สัน.​

This Sunday we had someone text us randomly and ask us about church, and what he needs to do to be able to come. We told him all he had to do was come! And he did! His name is Farden and he is studying to be a vet at the college next to our church. He really liked church, and we are going to teach him this coming week as well! He seemed super interested as well, so me and my companion are super excited that we are going to be able to teach these three really interested people!

I also did my first companion exchange this week on Wednesday! I worked with Elder McCown from Utah, and it was super fun. It's kinda cool to see how other people do missionary work, and he gave me some really good advice on the language so that was good.

Cool moment this week: in a lesson with sis หยิง​ we were trying to help her understand how important the sabbath day is, and all the blessings that can come into her life when she keeps it. Her kids go to extra school on sunday, like tutoring for rich people, and we were trying to help her have enough faith that she could move when the tutoring was or stop it altogether, so she would be able to go to church. In that lesson, I was able to share a scripture and my experience with keeping the sabbath day holy, by telling her about my hospital job and talking to my boss to take Sundays off, and how I saw that help improve my life. It was cool, cause that was the first time in a lesson I kinda went off and started talking by myself. I didn't understand anything before or after that very well, but they understood me so that's a good first step!

So also this week I stumbled upon this scripture: 1 Nephi 20:10 "For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." I love this scripture, because it tells us why we experience hard things in life. Sometimes, God gives us hard things in our lives so we can learn and grow and can be "refined" and after we are refined, we can be "chosen" by Him to do His work, to better serve Him, and be better prepared in life in general. To have a happier life in general. That's how I feel right now. I'm going through a furnace of not understanding what anyone is saying here, but I know after I've been refined in this furnace, I'll come out better suited to help others and more able to speak the language then without this furnace of affliction.

Love you all! Never give up!
Elder​ Anderson


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