September 7, 2017


Mexico City - MTC



Last Week in the MTC

Hey everyone, It is my last week here at the MTC I leave for Cancun on Monday morning at 1:30. Yeah I know, that kinda sucks but I am glad to be getting out of here and living on my own. A few days ago an area in my mission was hit by a stage 5 hurricane and the area was near Cancun so I don't know what that means for transfers.
​This is a pic of me and my Latino companion. His name is Ivan Tellez and he is from oaxa mexico
This is just me and my 6:30 in the morning face.

Not a lot of stuff to right about. But hopefully by next there will be. It will be a lot cooler when I get our of this place. Better food for sure. I have lost 9 pounds since I have been here. I have been able to get a lot more exercise and the food sucks so I don´t eat a lot. I psyched for some authentic street tacos. That is all for this week
Elder Nielsen
Little Add-ons:
I just need about a 100 more pesos for luggage and I leave for Cancun at 1:30 in the morning. I got a letter from you and grandma. I had to pack a few extra books and my bags are still under 50 pounds. Yes I am getting jacked.
Last night I had to talk to the Elder on the phone who is our travel leader and he only speaks spanish so that was pretty crazy but I got the point across.
I have probably taught about 30 discussions in Spanish since I have been here and I also have had the opportunity to be a mock investigator for other missionaries here. We also try to get our teacher to say stuff in english and that is pretty funny.
He was writing with John about some things he missed - like hunting - and then said, 'Yeah I know that after two years it will be awesome but I am also super excited to get into the field.' Yeah hopefully I won't have to deal with that. That is freaking crazy that everything is burning up. I keep catching myself humming Iron Maiden and Manowar and on the plane when I came they had John Wick 2 as one of the movies but I couldn't watch any of the movies so that sucked. I also miss shooting a lot. They should let missionaries conceal carry.
Love Will


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