August 31, 2017


Mexico City - MTC



Almost Out

Hey everyone, I am on my second to last week here and cannot wait to get out. The MTC is good and all but I would like to start doing some actual missionary work. I want to try and throw in a few funny stories. So this week when our district leader was in the shower we got a bucket of cold water and threw it on him so that was awesome. We have to entertain ourselves because most of the day is devotionals and classes.
Two days ago an Elder in our district bought some chili powder at the store and we all tried it and it would some how get up into our nostrils and we all had to run into the bathroom and wash our faces with cold water.
Today is my first p-day where I do not have to go to immigration or the temple. I was able to more pictures around the MTC today.
​This is the casa my district is staying in.
​Just a few more pics of mexico city and the MTC.
Elder Nielsen
Elder Lewis and Elder Summerhays are my new companions. They are the district leaders. Elder Ames was transferred to a Latino District because his Spanish was so good.
I have a washer and drier in the house. They have different Pdays in the MTC depending on the group they are in. I hear gunshots outside the walls of the MTC. I don't need AC at night because it cools off to about 60 degrees F. It has been super rainy here too. It freaking down pours out of no where. That is good he has a job now and can make some cash. (Andrew got a job mowing for Tom Jensen)
We've had one seventy visit, but that's it.


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