August 18, 2017


Mexico City - MTC


Chad Ames

Will's Twin

​​Hey, so they scheduled our P-day today because this is when they take us to immigration. It was about an hour long bus ride there and no AC. On the way there we were passing a garbage truck and in it was either a dead body or a guy sleeping in the back of it. Only in Mexico I guess. When we got there we were waiting in line for about two hours so that sucked. After we finished that everybody wanted to go sight seeing in downtown Mexico City and for those of you who know me well enough you know that I freaking hate sight seeing. The best sight I saw were two different guys on motorcycles wearing predator masks.​

There is an Elder here from Alaska an he is super cool. He is a second degree black belt in Ti Quan Do and he holds the world record for the highest high kick. He is not in my district but he got here the same day I did. He will be going to the Ogden, Utah mission spanish speaking. His name is Elder Day so if you ever run into him tell him Elder Nielsen says whats up. Also apperently I look like a famous boxer named Canelo Alvarez who is really big in Mexico. Elder Day was the first one to tell me and then one of the Hermanas from Mexico did and then today at immigration there were four men who said I did and they all got pictures with me in a boxing stance. I like being famous. Maybe I will just stay in Mexico and let people think that.
Elder Nielsen
Add ons: they serve us all sorts of different food like steak, chicken, burgers, tacos ect. Then they always have a fruit and salad bar. My companions name is Chad Ames, the classes are fine and yeah I am learning a ton of Spanish. I am usually in class all day except for gym time after lunch. Yeah me and another elder from Texas go on splits because we both go to the weight room. We get time to shower after.
The MTC is ok but we all just want to get into the field. I have to go now because we have to do our grammar practice but I will get some pics.
Love your favorite SON


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