August 24, 2017


Mexico City - MTC


Chad Ames

Learning Spanish

So this week our district was chosen to do this Latino program thing. So before dinner we study and teach with Latino companions. It was pretty freaking weird because they talk so dang fast I can hardly catch one word. None of them can speak any English so preparing lessons is a royal pain because we can barely understand each other.
We kinda have the same routine everyday so there is not a lot of different things to talk about but after we go back to our houses at night we usually hangout and just chat. I been getting know this Elder from Texas and he is big into hunting and stuff. Kind of your typical Texan but he's always telling me about boar hunting and stuff like that. He is also a big into body building so he is a little intimidating looking. I usually go to the gym with him during gym time and all the guy's in our district want to have contest and see who can get the most jacked in the next two years. It's hard though because they feed us freaking inmate food here so I have been living off of guava fruit and salad for like a week. I finished memorizing the first vision in Spanish on Sunday so that's pretty good because I really like using it in lessons.
We are going to the temple again today so I will try and get some more pictures of Mexico City.

This is the picture you get so you know I am still alive. I'll take some more today and email later if I can.
Elder Nielsen


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