August 3, 2017


Mexico City MTC



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Hola mi familia y amigos sorry that it has taken so long for me to email.  Today is my districts first prep day and this is the only time we are aloud to email.  The first week sucked because it was probably the longest week of my life.  Now I have gotten pretty used to this place.  My companion here is going to the Cancun mission and so are two other Elders in my district,  we will all fly out the same day. 

​The first picture is in the house we are staying in.  That night we were celebrating Elder Prior and Elder Clymores birthday.  Elder Priors mom mailed him a cake so we all just kinda hung out and talked that night.  The second picture is of me and my companion during study time.  It was taken right before we taught our third discussion in spanish and yes you do teach a discussion in spanish on the second day here.
 These next to pictures are looking out of our classroom window.  It is pretty stormy today but you can still kind of see the houses up on the side of the hill.  Mexico City looks like a total dump but then there is this super nice MTC in the middle of it.Our classes are basically like going to a mix of spanish class and seminary.  Our instructor is Latino and he knows english but he refuses to talk to us in english so it is a royal pain to try and communicate with him.  We go to class from about 9 am to 12:30 and after that we teach discussions to our instructors in spanish.  It is crazy to me how fast I am learning.  Just the other my companion and I had a conversation in spanish for like 10 minutes.  Today my district is going to the temple so I have to go but I will be back later today so I can email to you some more.
Elder Nielsen 


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