February 10, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Cannan Prior

Life in Cancun

This past week was the leader ship meeting so we had four other missionaries stay in our house. It is not my favorite because they trash the place because it's not their house. We have the generation meeting for the newest group of missionaries next week so we will have another group staying with us then.
We met a super crazy lady on the street. She started talking about how Jesus is not Jesus's real name and the it is a Hebrew curse word. She also said that the bible talks about flat earth. That gave me a bit of a hint that she was nuts. So we are talking this lady and she starts whipping out words in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. I don't know what her case was but she was nuts.
We also met another lady but she wasn't crazy. She was from Belguim and has been living in Cancun for three years. She has family and friends who live in Salt Lake and said that she herself used to live there. She would feed the missionaries but never converted. She told us how she has heard all the lessons and doesn't want to hear them again. Of course after hearing that Elder Prior freaking whips out the plan of salvation and she was like "Don't start"! But yeah she speaks five languages which was cool. English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.
This morning we did the crazy work out again. Didn't puke but wanted too. But that is pretty much my week.
My Bishop and his wife
Hector Alamilla who we work out with
Horlando who is a taxi driver we know
Elder Prior, Elder Acosta, Elder Cromarty, and I


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