February 3, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Cannan Prior


So this morning was quite the adventure. We went to work out in the park with one of the members here who is a work out addict. We got there and the first thing he said to do was to run around the park 5 times. In total it was about a mile and right after he said do 50 burpies and then to do 50 climbers and then 50 push ups and then 100 jumping jacks. It made me want to cry. Elder Prior and I both threw up before we finished the burpies. He kept yelling at us to keep going and that it was all in our head. I was on my knees begging for mercy and then I puked and after I puked I did 30 push ups and ran another 2 laps around the park. While I was running Elder Prior threw up during his little break.
I have decided that getting jacked is too much work. It also did not help that the member training us is super buff and has tattoos. Other than that we started teaching this guy who is 77 and is actually jacked. His name is Victor. He is a super smart guy. Right now is learning English, Italian, and French.
We also met another lady named Teresa and she is a born again christian and teaching her is fun because she is pretty open to everything and what we teach makes sense to her. We also met a guy who is from California but lives here now and so we talk to him in english.
Everything in the offices is the same and probably won't be changing too much.
The first picture is just a little representation of me and Elder Prior.
The other secretary is Elder Munoz.
we just found it on google. The secretaries and AP's print off stuff like that and hang them up around the offices for fun and to brighten the work place up.
He sent that last grouchy picture as a joke.
He went to Carls Jr for his birthday and I think that's when that one photo was taken.


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