January 27, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Cannan Prior

Crazy Week

This week we had a tone of work to do. We were all over the place with stuff. Prior is the financial secretary so we were at the bank like 4 times this week. In the banks they have these posters with pictures of all the different people who have robbed the bank. It must get robbed a lot because there was like 8 different guys on that poster.
This week we visited a family in our ward. The parents are both musicians and that is there only job. They travel all over the Quintana Roo state and perform at a lot of the resorts. While we were there we had a minnie jam session. I was able to play his guitar and then they played and sang Dust In The Wind by Boston and it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I am pretty sure it is because I have not listened to any music for six months. It's a freakin nightmare.
I went on splits with the zone leaders and so I was in their area for a day and we encountered a few drunk people so that was cool.
We finally got a new investigator and his name is Ismael. We met him on the street and talked with him about the book of mormon and invited him to church. We set up an appointment for next tuesday so we can meet with him and teach him. Not too much else going on this week.


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