January 20, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Cannan Prior

Rainy Week

This week it rained like I have never seen before. It rained for the whole day on wednsday and Elder Prior and I had to go to the bus station to buy tickets and we couldn't get a taxi so we ran back to the church in the rain and got super soaked. It was pretty fun too.
Another thing this week was the transfers. Since we are secretary's we get to meet all of the new missionary's at that come from the MTC. It is nice not to be considered one of the new guys anymore. When the new missionary's get here I have to take a bunch of pictures of them and the President and send a letter and pictures to their parents. Elder Tello my trainer is in one of the zone's in Cancun so I get to see him a lot too which is cool.
One fun thing that Elder Ames and I did was buying tacos for breakfast. Across the street from the church there is a restaurant that sells tacos made with pig fat. It sounds gross but they are by far the best tacos I have had. The owner is not a member but likes the missionary's and he always gives us a free taco when we go over there.
Elder Holloway left for home this past week. At the end of transfers the missionary's going home stay with the secretary's. It kinda sucks because it is not the most fun thing to have six guys who are complete slobs staying in your house. That is all for this week. Will
The first picture is what basically is our back yard, the second is Elder Prior and I walking back to the church in the rain, the third is me and Elder Ames just chillin in the offices. We asked about Ana and her daughter and the baptism. Since we are in the offices a lot the AP's told us if we have any female investigators to just give them to the sister missionaries who are in our area. So the sisters teach them now.


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