January 13, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Cannan Prior

IDK What to Call the Subject This Week

This week was pretty normal. Today we couldn't play basketball because there is a member of the seventy here at the stake. We went and bought a bunch of food like we alway's do. Last night we met a couple from Idaho who were super awesome. They yelled to us from across the parking lot of Carl's Junior and so we went and talked with them for a little bit. After that we had a lesson with Ana and Blanca. They are the mother and daughter we are teaching and Ana is 92 but I think I sent thay in last weeks email.
On Wendnsday we met a guy from Cuba on the street. We were walking by and said buenas noches like we alway's do and he said good night so we stopped and talked with him in spanglish. He said that he has been living in Cancun for a month and is loving it. He was really friendly and we told him about how we have church every week and so we gave him a card with the address on it.
There is a really cool family in our ward. The wife is from Utah and served a spanish speaking mission and met her husband who is from mexico on her mission. They used to live in Utah but they have recently moved to Cancun. They fly out to Utah every year to visit family with their kids. We speak spanglish with them which is pretty fun. It is also the first time I have heard quotes from Napoleon Dynamite in Mexico. Their oldest son was walking around the house talking like Kip about chatting online with babes all day.
I was going to buy a guitar today but I guess that in this mission it is against the rules so that sucks. I guess Elder Tello was breaking the rules but there are so many flipping rules here it is hard to keep track of em. I will be pretty ticked though if I get back and suck at playing the guitar.


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