January 6, 2018


Cancun Mexico


Bryen Holloway


Happy new year to everyone. So this week nothing too interesting going on. Just a lot of paper work in the office. My Favorite!!! Jk. New years eve was pretty chill. We worked in the offices and then after we went and had dinner with a member and played games and stuff. We had to be in our houses by 6:00 on new years because people go pretty wild here.
Between the four of us in this area we have two investigators who are getting baptized on the 21 of January. Blanca and Ana are their names. Ana is 92 years old. Yeah wow.
Another thing this week was that I got to meet all of the missionaries who came from the last transfer. It is nice not being the new guy. It is a lot of work for the start of the transfers because we have all of the new missionaries coming and all of the old ones leaving and it is a royal pain trying to get all of the paper work and certificates together.
Secretaries are also in charge of setting up for all of the meetings that the President has. Meetings like for different generations of missionaries and zone meetings and stuff. Then after we get free food that the mission provides so that's awesome. Food I don't have to pay for.
Other than that there is not much going on. Just a lot of office work now but whatever. It's easy and it's chill so I like it.
I spoke in church on Sunday so that was fun. When I was walking up to speak one of the members of the stake presidency told me I could do some of it in english because here in Cancun about half the congregation is tourists from Utah. So yeah that is about it for this week.


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