December 25, 2017


Cancun Mexico


Bryen Holloway

Christmas Phone Call Questions Answered

The mission president lives in a gated community, away from the mission office. Will lives about 15 minutes from the office. The mission president has 3 kids, two of which are married. Will spent Christmas Eve with the president's family, the AP's and the office missionaries. They had turkey, mashed potatoes, a broccoli, almond and cranberry dish and a jello type dessert with chocolate for dessert. He had 3 dinner appointments so was so full he slipped part of his dessert on to the AP's plate next to him when he wasn't looking. The mission president was some kind of businessman before his mission.
There are about 120 missionaries, 2/3 of which are Hispanic. Four missionaries work in the office, plus the two AP's.
He was given a hammock when he arrived since not all apartments have beds. None of the apartments have hot water, but they have a metal pipe they stick in water to warm it and then they use a cup to scoop the water over them. He said if they are lazy, they just use the water cold and shower.
He is keeping a journal.
He only wears sunscreen if he is outside the whole day.
The ward he goes to now has about 35 Latinos and about 40 tourists.
He gets 2000 pesos put on his debit card each month for food, etc.
He has done his own laundry until now but now in Cancun he is paying someone to do it.
They play basketball on PDay.
He can use the mission home computers to email now - no cyber cafes. They get 1 hour for emails. He gets about 20 a week and likes short letters since time is limited.
He has played the guitar and piano, although not voluntarily for the piano. He played I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus for some members on the guitar. He played on Christmas Eve for the mission presidents dinner. The other elders all pointed to him when the president asked if anyone played the piano. He was sorry he had told the other elders he played. Haha
He will get Elder Prior for his companion in about 2 weeks when Elder Holloway leaves to go home. Elder Prior's family send him slippers and a card game for Christmas.
As registration secretary he is responsible for registering all the baptisms and then all the new missionaries when they arrive. He knows how many missionaries and who they are who are arriving up until April.
He told us that when he first arrived in Calderitas and was teaching Angelica for the first time, he had to share the first vision. He had memorized it in the MTC in Spanish. Elder Tello asked him to share that and challenge her to baptism. He was really scared to do it - the challenge part since it was so fast - but he said the spirit was strong and he challenged her and she accepted. He's had 6 baptisms so far.
Andrew was funny and went and got some jerky and a twinkie and ate it in front of Will, even though Andrew said he wasn't hungry - he was just tempting Will.
He is happy and his Spanish sounds good - he speaks very fast.


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