December 23, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Bryen Holloway


So I had an early transfer this time. I am now working in the offices. I am being trained to be the new secretary of registration.
I got a call from the AP's on Wednsday morning and was told that I was being transfered that day so now I am in Cancun. I work in the offices from 10:00 to 2:00 everyday unless the president needs me to do other stuff. The main part of my job is taking the baptisimal forms from all of the converts in this mission and putting the information online in the church records.
Elder Prior is being trained as the new secretary of finances so at the end of this transfer Elder Prior and I will be companions.
Elder Ames, my companion from the MTC is the executive secretary so he is in charge over the offices.
My trainer is Elder Holloway. He is from Rino, Nevada and is going home at the end of this transfer so right now he is still the secretary of registration. There are four of us living in one house and it is pretty dang fun. We see the mission president a lot more when we work in the offices. Yesterday the president took us and the AP's out to a pizza buffet.
On sunday we are going to the mission presidents house for Christmas eve.
Here in Cancun there is a lot more wealth than Chetumal. It is a drastic change because in Calderitas where I was before was a very poor area but here there is much more wealth. No hot water still but that isn't a big deal because it is still hotter than the sun even though it's December.
He told Andrew the guitar isn't loud enough if mom isn't yelling at you to turn it down. (John told him Andrew was playing his electric guitar)
John said we were having tamales for Christmas dinner in honor of Will. Will responded, "You're not having dog, Sasha drumsticks?"
Will killed a scorpion.
When I asked if he bought anything for the people before he left he said, "I got some of the kids some stuff and then one of the converts in our branch a white shirt and three ties." We had sent LDS, Spanish, coloring books and pencil crayons with him and asked if he left some. He said, "I handed out some of them. I left elder Gallegos the books for that area because it is a lot more poor there than it is here."
Even though they are English speakers, they only speak Spanish with each now in the mission home. Elder Ames was in Cozumel before and Prior in Cancun, so they haven't experience the poor areas like Will.


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