December 18, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Alan Gallegos

I Thought Spiders Were Bad!

If you have read any of my letters so far you probably know that I hate spiders with a passion. I found something I hate even more. You ready for this... SCORPIANS!!
They are like spiders with a tail and they are the most nasty things ever. They're mean too, the flippin things chase you. You are like a walking building and they think they are tough enough to chase you around.
Anyways other than that we had some baptisms this week. We have been teaching these two kids Josue and Elizabeth. Their mom is a member but is not active but we finally got her going to church. She even came to the branch Christmas party.
This morning was pretty good. All of the Elders in the zone went to a park near the zone leaders house and we all played basketball. After we went back to the zone leaders for breakfast.
Add ons: Will said he has been to the house in this picture. I told to take pictures of places like that. He also said it said his debit card had been deactivated so once again had trouble getting cash. Ugh. Called the bank and the bank said it looks good on their end.
Stacy told him I am doing tamales for Christmas dinner. This was his reply "
Tamales are good but probably not the best choice for Christmas dinner haha. Here we have little centipedes but they are harmless, they're really good at coming into the house and dying on our floors so we can sweep up the whole house every week."
The weather here is still super hot and humid. I know most of you probably wish you were here but I promise you would get sick of it. There is a bit of a difference between curling up by the fire place when it gets cold and losing 30 pounds in sweat alone.
Marciel Solis is with Will at the baptism. His kids are friends with the little girl who asked him to baptize her.


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